Saturday, August 29, 2009

For the Weekend

Here’s a song I from my childhood. The Fifth Dimension’s “Up, Up and Away” from 1967, I think. It was said to be a drug song. I was always attracted to Marilyn McCoo. She was hot. Ah, the 60s. Too bad you can’t make money just remembering.

Some of my favorites from my 77 blog history.

Reminiscing about childhood and one of mankind’s greatest achievements.

A bit of satire about politicians having scandals they have moralized about when other politicians had the same scandal.

A bit of satire about those who claim the moon landing was a hoax by showing how they presented us hoaxes to convince us the moon landing was a hoax.

Freedom of Speech means you can rebut the man you voted twice for when you think he’s out of line.

I still believe the Democrats can win even more in 2010 if they work hard and smart. Then we start electing Independents and make America a very progressive country it is already becoming.

Enjoy your American weekend!!