Monday, August 31, 2009

Vulturizing Kennedy

Vultures typically circle in the air over a dying animal or sit nearby in trees, logs and the ground until the animal has died and then they begin feeding.

Ted Kennedy is in the ground less than one day and already Washington’s vultures have decided to feed on his body, thereby helping to sell us out completely on the public option.

Orrin Hatch, the Moonie Mormon, who spoke at Kennedy’s memorial, claimed that Kennedy would have compromised on health care, meaning bye bye to the public option.

John Kerry, in what is said to be a cherry-picked quote by the Associated Press, says that Kennedy would have thrown away public option just to compromise.

Stephanopoulos told O’Reilly that the Democrats didn’t have the votes and that Kennedy would have negotiated and compromised, implying Kennedy would have abandoned the public option.

Last Thursday on “Countdown”, Lawrence O’Donnell mentioned that in 1994 he was in the room when Kennedy told Clinton they should go it alone without Republican votes on health care reform.

That should prove Stephanopoulos, Hatch, McCain and the others wrong. Their lies should help dispel the lie that the media is liberal.

Why is the media reporting on this and not on stories that could help health care?

Apparently the pharmaceutical and insurance industries are giant advertisers on the cable news programs.

Telling a lie like the president is a racist makes advertisers drop you, but telling lies like Ted Kennedy would have dropped the public option means nothing. Obviously the two are not equal.

Defaming a sitting president, immediately followed by a statement totally contradicting the racist defamation is insanity that everyone knew Beck possessed and could hold him accountable for and they punished him advertiserally (new word).

Attributing political convenience to one of America’s greatest Senators—who just happened to be buried yesterday—is slimy.

But how would one punish George Stephanopoulos? You can’t necessarily convince his advertisers to leave for that.

Large parts of the media seem intent on doing their part in ruining Obama’s chances of passing health care reform—more even than Obama himself so far.

Instead of investigating abuses by insurance companies or price gouging by pharmaceutical companies, they are focusing on the negatives of scorekeeping before Congress reconvenes in about a week.

By that time McCain, Hatch, Stephanopoulos and the others will have tried to make America believe that Teddy Kennedy would have been a Republican if he did not have to pretend he was a liberal for the sole reason of upholding his brother’s legacies.

Vultures are capable of digesting rotting corpses contaminated with Botulinum toxin (which is sold as Botox), hog cholera and anthrax.

Needless to say, they use their vomit as quite an effective defense mechanism in much the same way some snakes use their venom as projectiles.

The difference between vultures and cable news personalities and politicians is that what comes out of a vulture’s mouth isn’t as dangerous.