Friday, August 14, 2009

Free Maziar Bahari

Iran is never far from my thoughts. Our stupid neo-conmen like John Bolton who want war to bloody the nose of Khamenei and Ahmadinejad with a war could not have done what the Iranian people themselves are doing by trying to take their country back, perhaps inspired by a speech—not warfare—but a speech by Obama and America’s election of him, a president with Muslim family members and a Muslim name.

Watching Rachel Maddow tonight, there was an interview with Paola Gourley, the very pregnant wife of Canadian journalist and filmmaker, Maziar Bahari, who is imprisoned in Iran, without charge and denied access to an attorney.

There is a
website one can go to and a there is a petition to sign. I signed the petition and am number 4714.

I see it this way: the Iranians are like the Republicans in the U.S. They are slowly losing every measure of power they once held. Whatever the Iranian power mongers do in reaction to the Green Revolution further isolates them and, next election, there definitely will be a change in elected officials—if not before. The youth of Iran wants change.

Support the freedom of Maziar Bahari and that of journalists all over the world.