Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Mently Craedz

Okay, the title is an unsophisticated and sophomoric joke about the name of a woman, the first name being a characteristic of some part of the human body and the last name being its function with the last two letters or syllables reversed. This is emphasized by her look, which, when combined, reminds one of a possible 70s porn star in a possible porn film titled “Orally Taste”.

Oh jeez! That’s even more unsophisticated and sophomoric! In fact, it’s tasteless!! Sorry, I will endeavor to censor myself.

Maybe, the Soviet agent who is Russia’s latest Cold War weapon and is currently trying to destroy our American way of life and our freedoms not with nukes or Iron Curtains or Cuba, but by trying to convince hard-working, God-fearing Americans that our democratically elected black president (who they hate because they are racist) is not American has just had her identity blown.

Damnit, another cheap porn joke! Sorry, sorry….

You see, Russia has long known about America’s racial divisiveness and they are exploiting by using the tactics that the Nazis used on the Jews—they are accusing Obama of something he is not guilty of.

Ann Coulter hinted at the truth behind Orly Taitz when she called Taitz a C-R-A-N-K, which is an acronym for Communist Russian America Nullifikation Kommittee.

As Condoleeza Rice will tell anyone who asks, CRANK was a Soviet-era branch of the KGB or Komitet gosudarstvennoy bezopasnosti or in American, Kommittee of State Security—KSS in English, just SS in Nazi German, right Taitz?

The Kenyan birth certificate (pictured above) is said to be a fake. The giveaway is that Mombassa was not in Kenya in 1961, Kenya was not a Republic then and the certificate's signatory, EF Lavender, was the secret code name Nikita Khrushchev had for his favorite and secret Cold War lover, J. Edgar Hoover.

But Taitz’s Soviet-era KGB identity credentials (pictured below) are clearly not a fake. The proof is in the fact that Taitz’s hair color still has some tint of yellow blond in it as opposed to the platinum color it is now.

Taitz’s KGB codename was “Blond Girl in the Yankee movie America Graffiti” for obvious reasons. Her top secret codename was “bimbo”, also for obvious reasons.

Ruskie spies and saboteurs like Orly Taitz think they can come in and give us Yanks the same old tactics straight out of the 1982 edition of the KGB playbook that they used to try to discredit the democratically elected leadership of the Solidarity Movement in Poland.

The picture below shows Taitz in 1982 with former bosses—then Soviet General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev and Polish General Wojciech Jaruzelski, shown congratulating each other over the success of their black market scheme selling bootleg videos of the musical “Grease”

Strangely enough, it was then that Taitz discovered and developed the tactic that today would make her world famous—so struck with grief that Brezhnev died, she claimed to the annoyance of the Politburo that Brezhnev’s death certificate was a hoax and that he was still alive and living in John Travolta’s guest house in Malibu where he had become a surfer dude and a Scientologist.

It can finally be revealed here that Taitz’s secret mission is to get Americans to reject Obama by making them believe he is Kenyan-born so that ultra-top secret KGB agent Arnold Schwarzenegger, actually from the former Communist Czechoslovakia not Austria, can become president of the United States and finish the Communist’s Soviet agenda by doing to America what he is doing to California. Before the end of Schwarzenegger’s first POTUS term, Russian soldiers will be landing on both coasts because by then America will have been brought to its knees.

OMG, ending with another porn joke!

Let’s make these un-American Soviets beg for mercy by showing them our superior American democratic and racially-tolerant values.

Perhaps the reason Taitz is failing in her KGB mission is because something is missing in her background that all the Soviet training in the Communist world could not change—there are no black people in Russia.

Agent and mission obsolete.

America wins again!