Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dem Damn Dems

A majority of Americans are in favor of health care reform with a public option and are more often than not in opposition with the Blue Dogs and Red Dogs who represent them on this very issue. Why? The corporatization of every aspect of American life.

It was reported last night on Keith Olbermann during Countdown’s report on
United Health Group that Obama met twice in May. So, it’s not just bipartisanship Obama is pursuing, it is tripartisanship—Democrats, Republicans and corporations.

While focusing one eye on health care reform, progressive Independents and Democrats should focus the other eye on winning as much as possible in 2010 and then again in 2012. Despite what I think we will be stuck will re-electing Obama at that time, no matter how frustrating and disappointing his first seven months have been.

Recently on Huffington Post, Beltway soothsayer Charlie Cook believes the Democrats may lose a minimum of 20 seats. I assume that is from both the Senate and the House. Cook’s prediction is based on the economy as the predominate issue.

I believe it’s still too early to tell. But I disagree that things will necessarily be so bad in 2010 for Democrats or those with a progressive agenda, but there may be one hell of a fight just to hold and gain ground.

The recent ridiculousness uttered by Tom Coburn, Chuck Grassley and Michael Steele in just the last day provide a bathroom window which progressives can go through if they just make an effort to connect to average Americans.

Can the opponents of Coburn, Grassley, etc. not point out that they and Republicans like them are out of step with the American people and in-step with heartless corporations who don’t care one bit about the American people except as consumers? Of course they can.

Obama is a great campaigner as evidenced by the fact he is our first black president. Can he convince voters that he needs Democrats help to finish his economic recovery? Without any unforeseen catastrophes, what’s not possible here without some hard work?

The other thing Progressives and progressive Democrats have going for them to insure victory and gains in 2010 is we are not that much of a center right country anymore. And we have not been for awhile. Remember, America did not really elect George Bush in 2000 or 2004, but we did really elect Obama last year.

A separation between progressive Democrats and Blue Dogs needs to be made more pronounced in 2010. My sense is the average American embraced a slightly more progressive agenda in 2008 because Bush was sooo bad. Well the Republicans are also bad and I think most Americans are not represented by these town hallers or their corporate agenda. For this reason progressives should go on the attack and paint Republicans and Blue Dogs as the corporate whores they are. I believe progressives can also make more victories than in the past provided they only talk about issues important to Americans and leave immigration reform for another election cycle or until the economy gets better.

Winning in 2010 means Republicans and Blue Dogs must pay for their lies, deception and acquiescence to the insurance industry.

But that means having viable Democratic or Independent candidates who can speak to the American people and show them how Grassley, Coburn, Baucus and the rest have lied to them about death panels, etc.

Progressives can build on this with clean energy and global climate change legislation, just as Republicans and Blue Dogs hope to, because most Americans want a clean energy world, not this “I’m an Energy Citizen” crap. The important thing to remember is set the agenda. That means begin talking about issues important to Americans NOW.

RNC Chairman Michael Steele’s Senior Health Care bullshit is only an attempt for the Republicans to save face in 2010. The Democrats and Progressives may see this as an RNC-Steele hypocrisy—Republicans saying they’re protecting Medicare for Seniors while having bashed Medicare while ranting against health care reform—but progressive may not be looking down the road.

The Democrats are only in power because Bush was so bad. Unfortunately, America electing the Democrats in 2006 was like an abused child running away from its violent and drunken father and into the care of a psychopath.

If a progressive agenda and candidates can hold against the push back in 2010, Republicans will be even more marginalized and crazed and will run someone guaranteed to lose in 2012 like Sarah Palin against Obama.

Barring any political violence—and you all know what I mean—there is hope for a progressive America in 2010 and even more so in 2012 and beyond. President Rahm Emanuel, anyone?

Will Democrats become impassioned by Kennedy’s death to vote for health care reform with a public option? Doubtful.

Most of them are not very bright guys and they will see Kennedy’s death as an excuse not to feel guilty about doing what the insurance industry wants them to do.