Saturday, August 22, 2009

For the Weekend

Join us Monday for another thrilling and rapturous episode of the Internet’s #1 blog serial, Congressman Christ, where President Obama invites Jesus to the White House to shoot some hoops.


Thanks to all those who read this stuff I write. For those new to the Jim Buck Blog, here are five of my personal favorites. Check ‘em out.

The story of Eddie Hatcher battling Iran Contra cocaine in North Carolina and Senator Jesse Helms. It’s my first blog and the first of a four-part series.
Iran Contra’s Dark Secret Revisited with Activist’s Death, Part One.

What the Republicans are doing now was called “Rat Fucking” during Watergate. I call what they’re doing today, “
Pig Fucking” because it’s just as gross but bigger.

My personal experience being possibly victimized by the
Patriot Act.

You’ve heard of the Axis of Evil? Health Care Reform is the
Asskiss of Evil

July 6, 2009, the 52nd anniversary of the day John Lennon met Paul McCartney.