Sunday, July 5, 2009

Palin By Comparison

Back during the campaign, when I was reading all there was to read about McCain’s new-to-the-scene VP pick, I was struck by the questions I had regarding the construction of the Wasilla Sport Complex and her home that the media did not follow through on and investigate. Something seemed wrong.

Now, according to all of bloggerdom, the Wasilla Sports Complex and her lakefront home may be the reason for her resignation as Governor. If that is true, and she resigned in advance of federal indictments, many things make sense now.

In the event these indictments become reality, the Republican Party is severely crippled—okay, okay!, it’s easy to say that, I know!—and I will; that and much more.

How will anyone ever be able to take anything John McCain says seriously again? He certainly has no ability to judge anything moral anymore.

McCain also said recently that Palin is one of the leaders of the GOP. How far removed from reality is he? Are all statements that come from him spoken only to serve some immediate political goal?

He’s up for re-election next year. If we’re lucky one of two things will happen: a) someone more ridiculous that he—think similar to Palin—will beat him and they will simply become a joke, and, b) someone better will beat him and he will become a footnote, that is, until his daughter runs for and wins his Senate seat in 2016.

Sunday, Republican spokespersons were confused about Palin’s resignation and dismissed the possibility of her being taken seriously in a presidential bid.

According to a piece on the ABC News website, “a former aide to Sen. John McCain called Palin's decision, ‘one more odd decision in a series of odd decisions’ that play into a negative image of the soon-to-be former governor”.

Because McCain is largely responsible for this bit of damage to the Republicans, he is the only one who can undo it—with Lindsey Graham and Joe Lieberman standing close by his side.

First, McCain has to apologize to Palin for bringing her under the scrutiny of the media and the American public.

Second, he has to apologize to the media and Americans for wasting our time with someone who is not, in the least, and never will be, qualified even to be a community organizer, let alone vice-president or president.

Thirdly, he has to apologize to right-wing Christians and members of the Wasilla Assembly of God, and all Pentecostals, for embarrassing them because Palin has now thrown away the gift God gave her, the governorship, the obvious result of the prayers of Pastor Muthee and all the worshippers at the Wasilla Assembly of God in the video where he prays for God to “make a way” for Palin to become Governor.

Reportedly, Wasilla Assembly of God Senior Pastor Ed Kalnins has preached in the past that “critics of President Bush will be banished to hell; [he] questioned whether people who voted for Sen. John Kerry in 2004 would be accepted into heaven; and preached that the Sept. 11 attacks and the war in Iraq were part of a world war over Christianity.”

Kalnins also reportedly preached “I believe that Alaska is one of the refuge states... in the Last Days, and hundreds of thousands of people are going to come to this state to seek refuge. And the church has to ready to minister to them.”

It would be interesting to have heard how Pastor Kalnins spun Palin’s resignation to the congregation in today’s sermon.

If Palin and others are indicted it will be a great lesson for this country, and for McCain, who recently said, in the context of Obama not being tough enough on Iran, “America is the moral leader in the world.”

McCain’s upcoming spin on this is obvious: “Sarah Palin is doing the only honorable thing in light of coming events and President Obama is shrinking from his duties as a leader of the free world by not insisting that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad follow Governor Palin’s example and resign in the face of his coming election scandal investigation by the international community.”

As of yesterday, the Palins are making hollow threats of filing defamation lawsuits against bloggers and the media for even mentioning the rumors of possible indictments as the reason for her resignation.

As Ralph Kramden used to say: “Hamana hamana hamana.”