Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Blog Was Vandalized

Oh my god, my blog was broken into and vandalized! I don’t know how it happened. I was all set to post tonight’s blog and when I signed in and I saw everything was thrown all over the place (see below). And then I saw the graffiti (see above). I called and spoke to their security people and they came over to my blog and looked around.

They said I had been vandalized by a blog gang called the Blogguerillas. They said the Blogguerillas are one of several blog gangs that have emerged in the past few years. security officials say they think the vandalizing of my blog was a random act because my blog happens to post on Blogguerillas’ their turf and they were just marking their territory because I am new.

Thanks for that. I thought I had been hit by the CIA for some of the stuff I have written about Iran-Contra cocaine or yesterday’s blog about the overthrow of Honduran president Zelaya.

Blogs are new to me. And obviously, blog gangs are even newer. No one has warned me about blog gangs.

I want to say to my readers—all seven of you—that I will not be intimidated nor succumb to threats, despite the fear. I am feeling a little vulnerable, but I will carry on tomorrow in spite of this criminal violation—I promise.