Monday, July 13, 2009

The Family

Skull and Bones, the Masons and now The Family. How many more secret societies that benefit the powerful and corrupt America are there in Washington?

On Rachel Maddow last week, in the context of the Ensign Affair-affair,
The Family: The Secret Fundamentlaism at the Heart of American Power author Jeff Sharlet spoke about The Family. I was horrified. Sharlet gave an interview last year that may be illuminating (not to be confused with Illuminati-ating) to some. Another interview Sharlet did in 2003 with AlterNet about The Family may be equally fascinating (not to be confused with fascist-nating) to some.

Sharlet also appeared on Rachel Maddow last week for two nights. Check him out on
Thursday and Friday. These links should take you right to the segments, if not, they are on the same scroll.

These people idolize Hitler for how he got things done. They want to use tools of Nazi rule to turn people to Christ—but their version of Christ. Aside from the obvious Jesus-was-Jewish argument about not mixing Christ with Nazis, don’t they see a philosophical difference between Nazis and coming to Christ? No, because they, like all these others, are only using Christ as a tool to attract. They brainwash later.

This collection of nutcases reminds me of the Moonies and Scientologists because they all want to connect to the seats of political and corporate power and all have built followings based on religions—although the Scientologists have L. Ron Hubbard rather than Jesus as their Messiah.

Reportedly Hillary Clinton used The Family’s leader Douglas Coe as her spiritual advisor. Barack Obama gave a speech at their National Prayer Breakfast where he adopted former British Prime Minister Tony Blair as his First Friend

According to the Wikipedia article on
The Family, “Senators who have been cited as members of the organization include Don Nickles and James Inhofe of Oklahoma, Charles Grassley of Iowa, Pete Domenici of New Mexico, John Ensign of Nevada, Bill Nelson of Florida, Conrad Burns of Montana. Members of the House who have been cited as participants include Frank Wolf of Virginia and Joseph Pitts of Pennsylvania. South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford is also a member of The Family.”

Also connected to The Family through having lived there are Jim DeMint of South Carolina and Sam Brownback of Kansas. And, as we know from the Ensign scandal, Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn is also affiliated with The Family.

Their mission statement is against what their founder said was the vision he had of God when he founded The Family.

To develop and maintain an informal association of people banded together, to go out as "ambassadors of reconciliation," modeling the principles of Jesus, based on loving God and loving others. To work with the leaders of other nations, and as their hearts are touched, the poor, the oppressed, the widows and the youth of their country will be impacted in a positive manner. It is said that youth groups will be developed under the thoughts of Jesus, including loving others as you want to be loved.

Obviously the bit about the poor and oppressed were not to be confused with the oppressed under their one-world rule, as son-of-founder David Coe has stated. Their founder, Abraham Vereide, had a vision from god in 1935 wherein god told him concern for the poor was not what he had in mind. Vereide was a traveling preacher. So was Jim Jones. Does anyone remember Jonestown?

There was a story on
Huffington Post last week about attempts to Christianize the U.S. military. The Family has held prayer meetings inside the Pentagon and the Department of Defense. They are also said to have connections to the CIA. Talking Points Memo ran a bit about Christianizing the military back in August 2007 titled “Onward Christian Soldiers” which detailed attempts to fight against the process. You will have to scroll down several items.

U2 front man Bono spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast back in 2006. His
remarks seemed to rail against everything The Family stood for. I hope he was trying to tell them how full of shit they were.

C Street, the Family’s “church” (according to the IRS), where Ensign, Sanford and Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn live seems to violate the separation between church and state. How can it be a church if U.S. Senators live there? Let’s hope after Attorney General Eric Holder investigates torture, he launches a probe into these whackos.

The recent scandals of Senator John Ensign and Governor Mark Sanford have brought public awareness to The Family. Let’s hope sometime soon that the public becomes more than aware and becomes outraged.