Friday, July 24, 2009


Like Bush, Schwarzenegger has succeeded in failing.

Ah, no ld will go down in history of California’s version of W. With glee he stood before the press to announce the budget impasse was fixed. It takes an idiot or a conman to do that. He is probably both.

Why is California filled with Democrats who have no backbone to take their argument to the people and stand up for what is right?

Schwarzenegger’s recent knife as-a-symbolic-prop video will be looked upon with scorn and ridicule in a few years, when the full effect of his selling out of the citizens of California in favor of gutting education, corporatizing pensions and giving away off-shore drilling rights and robbing local governments of their money is realized. Why is the mainstream media not more critical?

Schwarzenegger has set California on the path to becoming a third world country. In ten years, California will be in such bad shape even Mexico won’t want it back. Just wait until Californians rise up.

Schwarzenegger’s California will be seen like Bush’s America—robbed. When are Californians going to realize that thieves like Schwarzenegger should never be elected because of stardom and false promises?

He and his do not have the interests of California in mind, only corporations and the rich.

I know what he can do with that knife.