Thursday, July 16, 2009

Rebuild the Twin Towers

Although Liz Cheney claims Obama and the Democrats are making America less safe because they are timidly, in my opinion, asking questions about Cheney, Bush and the CIA, this post deals with the result of how the Bush-Cheney Administration failed to keep America safe. How conveniently they forget.

The photo above was taken in 1982. It was the view out of the window of the first apartment
Dennis Perrin and I lived in on Manhattan’s lower eastside—back when people with no money could still live in Manhattan. Can you imagine that?

When it comes to rebuilding Ground Zero, they just can’t seem to get it together. A June 9, 2009
New York Times article stated that Mayor Bloomberg’s deadline for Ground Zero lessee and developer Larry Silverstein and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey to come to an agreement on the construction of three office buildings passed without them agreeing.

Further, the Freedom Tower still has its same old freedom from being anywhere near completion, with an expected opening in 2013. That’s twelve years after the Twin Towers’ destruction!

When I first visited New York in June 1982 for the big anti-nuclear rally, the first thing I saw of New York City while driving on, I believe, the Jersey Turnpike, was the tops of the Twin Towers. I was thrilled.

My first apartment in New York was on the Lower Eastside and I would lie in bed at night and look out at the red blinking light atop the TV tower.

Whenever I was in the village, particularly Washington Square Park, you could easily look up and see them. I had been to the top of the WTC twice—once by myself just for the hell of it and once with my family who were visiting me.

Everyone has their own fascination and appreciation for the Twin Towers. Last year I discovered a movement to rebuild them and I signed the
petition and sent emails out to friends and family.

This is a video from 2005. The models of the Twin Towers are enough to evoke some powerful emotions.

This is another video where MSNBC’s David Shuster rips into former New York Governor George Pataki, almost accusing him of corruption and cronyism for pushing the Freedom Tower design when most Americans—an certainly most New Yorkers—want the Twin Towers back. Pataki becomes visibly upset.

The Twin Towers can be rebuilt stronger and with a more modern look, sort of like the new Mustang compared to the old Mustang. And it’s not too late. Here are the models. Bring up any emotion?

They could occupy the space beside the footprints of the old WTC, which would honor their memories and the memories of those who died in the attack in a much more fitting way than a completed Freedom Tower.

Not only are there conspiracy theories about the destruction of the Twin Towers, but now there are conspiracy theories about them not being rebuilt.

For those interested in a bit of nostalgia about the Twin Towers, this is the first of a two-part documentary are their construction.

Rebuild the Twin Towers even if Donald Trump has to do it. And when they’re completed, force Liz and Dick to occupy offices on the 100th floor of each tower. They can wave to each other to allay their fears of our unsafe-ness.