Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fun With Dick & Liz

It’s actually Dick and Jane. But this post is about Dick and Liz. And I don’t mean Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton either.

On the Moonie paper’s radio show interview, Liz Cheney says she may run for political office. Is there any crime she can be charged with before that irradiated creature grows into a 50 foot monster?

I’d love to see Dick and Liz go to jail together, but Obama probably won’t allow it. He’s weird that way. He bought a car and had mechanics remove the reverse gear. He doesn’t need to parallel park or get out of a driveway or parking spot now.

As Philosopher, poet and humanist George Satanyana said: those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

Obama’s doomed.

Liz—the long “i” vowel sound version of her name being appropriately, “lies”—was appointed in 2002 by Colin Powell (who told him to do that, I wonder?) as Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs. She left that post in 2003 to work for the Bush/Cheney re-election campaign, working in a female aspect of the campaign called “W Stands for Women” to attract female voters and, reportedly “Spoke often of how women have enlarged their scope of political issues, invoking the September 11 attacks (Dick probably told her about the attacks before they happened) and “security”. Oh, what a surprise!

In 2005 her old position had been enlarged to Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs where she supported a controversial Iraqi constitution which [emphasis added] DIMINISHES THE RIGHTS OF WOMEN!!!

Do people like Lies Cheney go through life so privileged that they are so disengaged with the work they are doing??!! Are they so disengaged from reality working in a bubble that they think we believe them or care what they have to say (sort of like me writing this blog)? No, they have an agenda and arrogance and they lie, lie, lie!

In an interview with Turkish CNN she was asked a question based in skepticism about American commitment to democracy and human rights after a Washington Post story about black sites. Part of her response was the pathetic and predictable, “Judge us by our actions.” Brilliant!

She continued, “Judge us by the extent to which we really are standing with the people who are working for freedom.” The Iraqi constitution is based on Sharia Law—the very same application of social control that Pakistan is trying to prevent the Taliban from imposing in the Swat Valley.

How great that Lies Cheney can lie like her father! I’ll have a post on the Iraqi constitution later this week.

In 2006 she headed the Iran Syria Policy and Operations Group (ISOG) within the Bureau of Near East Affairs which was, according to a story in the New York Times, administering grants with a Republican foundation that critics said was plotting covert acts which could escalate into war with Iran and Syria.

Remember the late-60s anti-smoking PSA where the father and son are sitting under a tree and the father lights a cigarette and his six year old son picks up the cigarette pack and looks at it? Well, that’s Dick and Liz.

But instead of smoking, the bad habit she picked up from dad was lying, arrogance, scare tactics, illegal activities, obstruction of justice and subverting the Constitution. At least she can’t get cancer from it.

Her father was elected to Congress from Wyoming after working for Nixon and Ford during and after Watergate. She worked for Bush and probably internalized the vilification hurled at W like her father internalized the same about Nixon. What that means, under the principle of like father like daughter, is she will become the first female vice-president under president Mitt Romney in 2016 because she has foreign policy experience. And we will be treated to more lies.

With everything coming out now about Dick’s secret CIA “activities”, and Liz’s ISOG “activities”, I hope she gets elected to Congress, gets involved in a scandal and is investigated.

Have you noticed recently that the U.S. has a disproportionate share of nutcases in political office? I offer a possible solution in a post next week.

But for the near future, picture this: Liz is handcuffed and manacled in an orange jump suit, pushing the wheelchair in which her father sits also in an orange jump suit, handcuffed and manacled, escorted by U.S. Marshals with shotguns, as they enter Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary.