Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Why Is the Washington Times Not Out of Business?

The Washington Times is spreading lies about death panels by proxy. That Ronald Reagan’s favorite newspaper would take the conservative line on health care reform or even lie is not what I am aghast at.

What bothers me is why they are taken even remotely seriously and why the hell they have not been exposed as a tool for the anti-American Moonie agenda and their circulation diminished.

The Reverend Moon claims to have been visited by Jesus on a mountaintop in Korea and proclaimed the Second Messiah. The Christian Right, if they were really right on Christianity, would realize that is heresy (and perhaps even blasphemy) by their own Christian beliefs.

Republican Utah Senator Orrin Hatch is Mormon. He is buddy buddy with Mr. and Mrs. Moon. You can find video of him on You Tube praising the Moons and attending their functions.

The same is true with former Republican North Carolina Senator Jesse Helms who, in 1988 alone, is reported to have spoken at five Moonie functions.

The bump in the logic road here is that back in the 70s, Moon claimed he would take over and control America. How does that jibe with these conservatives anti-Communist sentiment? The Communists wanted to take over and control America as well if I understood correctly.

The difference, as I understand it, is Moon gives away money to bribe politicians. That Reagan said Moon’s paper was his favorite newspaper made the Gipper America’s first Moonie president.

I’ll say it again. Ronald Reagan was America’s first Moonie president. Moon seems to be the Achilles Heel of the conservative right. Why more people don’t expose this is anti-American and anti-Christian.

That crown and cape he and his wife wears is also anti-American and anti-Christian.

If they can run ACORN out of business, shouldn't someone do the same thing with the Moonies?

Oh, I get it. It's because Moonie is pronounced "money". The "u" is a short vowel sound not a long one in Korea and conservative American politics.

More Moon later.