Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I Pledge Allegiance to the Logo of AIG/AIU…

Back in 1983 after moving to NYC, I read Alvin Toffler’s “The Third Wave”. One thing I remember from the book was Toffler’s belief that one day multi-national corporations would be stronger and more powerful than governments because of globalization, etc. That became even more apparent today in two stories.

The first was on Huffington Post. It was a New York Times editorial titled “
A Threat to Fair Election” about the Supreme Court seeming to go out of its way to hear arguments about overturning a decision the Supreme Court has regularly made which prevents corporations and unions from spending more than the regulated amount of campaign contributions.

This means corporations could spend as much as they want to elect the presidents they want, Senators they want and Representatives they way. This means American citizens will have much less impact on elections than they do now. In effect, our elected leaders will be voted into office by the power of the corporation in much the same way the Deathers and Nutters operated at the town hall meetings this summer.

Given that some liberals believe Obama moved the Supreme Court to the right with Sotomayor, it will be interesting to see how she and the conservatives on the highest Bench in the land vote on this.

Toffler believed, according to the Wikipedia, “The assault on the nation-state from above would include the rise of powerful non-national entities: IGO's, multinational corporations, religions with global reach, and even terrorist organizations or cartels.”

Do Republicans and Democrats count as terrorist organizations and cartels? And which would be which?

The second story was an Associated Press piece titled “
Fines proposed for going without insurance” that a bill was floating around Congress that would propose fines between $750 and $3800 for anyone found not to have health insurance. This part of the overall bill—if not the whole bill—was obviously authored by the insurance industry but attributed to Max Baucus.

This means there will be cops in every emergency room ready to take to jail the injured and near death who don’t have Blue Cross.

This means the health insurance industry may soon have the ability—through Congress—to force us to buy their health insurance with all its denials and deductibles and death.

Didn’t we purchase our health insurance last year when we bailed out AIG with 150 billion dollars?

So our future may soon be run by corporations. There will be no need to vote; our corporations will elect who they want to lead us. There will only be a need to be good consumers and workers.

There will be laws passed by the corporations. And there will be town halls where people will be called unpatriotic Communists if they mention they did not buy the products produced by American Corporations.

The Second Amendment of the Constitution reads, “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

How can we as Americans really be free if our lives and our governments are run by corporations and not by ourselves?

It seems the Second Amendment allows us to shoot at CEOs and glass-walled corporate headquarters to maintain our nation’s Constitutionally-guaranteed security.

Then Erik Prince’s Blackwater/Xe mercenaries, hired by the multi-nationals, will return fire on Americans. Why? Because Doug Coe and his twisted right-wing Christian-capitalist-military group The Family had said God likes the rich and powerful but not the poor.

And Prince’s obsession with being a soldier in the Crusades will allow him and Coe and all the Family’s Senators to redefine the Crusades as also being against working, middle and lower class Americans who will also be considered by them as infidels. They already believe that, they just don’t say it.

The Second American Revolution may soon be coming to your country near you.

Does that mean it would qualify as the Third World War just because the corporations are multi-national?

Just kidding!

For those who need convincing—or a good laugh!—here is the best scene from the 1976 movie, “Network”.