Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Calling in Sick Today

Like my friend Dennis, I too am working on a script. And I have a goal schedule of 15 pages per night. But tonight I am starting late, so the blog has to be forfeited. I have many ideas but no time.

As a wise man, or a white man, or a wide man once said, “That’s why God invented You Tube.”

So, here is one of my favorite Blondie songs. I would have presented more but EMI seems to have required embedding to be disabled by the user. Bastards!

This is a live version of “Dreaming” but the audio is not live. Still, the visuals are great and should take anyone back to that time if they lived through it.

The song is 30 years old and always takes me back to those days when I was young, idealistic, hopeful, and had almost no responsibility—or other people’s problems.

The drumming by Clem Burke is most impressive.