Monday, September 21, 2009

Kids Are People Too!

“Kids Are People Too!” was a news/variety TV program for teens that ran on ABC from 1978 to 1982. The program grew out of another TV program called “Wonderama” for pre-teens and children that ran for 20 years and was hosted for about ten of them by Bob McAllister, who hosted KAPT for about a year and was fired by ABC due to creative differences.

Corporate wanted something different than creative.

Now, the Supreme Court is poised to decide if corporations are people too. I find the whole thing absurd and see a possible overturn of election finance law as a dark day for America.

Let’s hope some organization files another suit and can prevent the overturn in the event the Supreme Court guts what the Founders intended as the First Amendment in the form of freedom of expression.

While not all corporations are bad and because of capitalism we enjoy a high standard of living, there is enough greed in corporate America and enough unresolved bad in capitalism to require improvement.

Corporate greed is the Achilles Heel of the American corporatism as evidenced by the taxpayer bailout last year. While they seek to dominate us through the class system and their wealth to manipulate everything but the Chinese, they need We the People in ways they do not want to admit.

And they are afraid of We the People, otherwise the health insurance and pharmaceutical corporations would not have funded the tea baggers, birthers, deathers and other nutters to sway the argument back in July and August.

Even Obama is afraid of We the People, otherwise he would not have violated his campaign promise of transparency and prohibited We the People access to his visitor log.

If Sotomayor votes in favor of overturning previous decisions that upheld Tillman, then we will have another example of Obama going the other way.

At that time, I become angry.

Until then, just to whet all our appetites for Change We Can’t Deceive In, here is a post-screening question and answer session with Michael Moore for his new film, “Capitalism: A Love Story”.