Monday, August 31, 2009

Vulturizing Kennedy

Vultures typically circle in the air over a dying animal or sit nearby in trees, logs and the ground until the animal has died and then they begin feeding.

Ted Kennedy is in the ground less than one day and already Washington’s vultures have decided to feed on his body, thereby helping to sell us out completely on the public option.

Orrin Hatch, the Moonie Mormon, who spoke at Kennedy’s memorial, claimed that Kennedy would have compromised on health care, meaning bye bye to the public option.

John Kerry, in what is said to be a cherry-picked quote by the Associated Press, says that Kennedy would have thrown away public option just to compromise.

Stephanopoulos told O’Reilly that the Democrats didn’t have the votes and that Kennedy would have negotiated and compromised, implying Kennedy would have abandoned the public option.

Last Thursday on “Countdown”, Lawrence O’Donnell mentioned that in 1994 he was in the room when Kennedy told Clinton they should go it alone without Republican votes on health care reform.

That should prove Stephanopoulos, Hatch, McCain and the others wrong. Their lies should help dispel the lie that the media is liberal.

Why is the media reporting on this and not on stories that could help health care?

Apparently the pharmaceutical and insurance industries are giant advertisers on the cable news programs.

Telling a lie like the president is a racist makes advertisers drop you, but telling lies like Ted Kennedy would have dropped the public option means nothing. Obviously the two are not equal.

Defaming a sitting president, immediately followed by a statement totally contradicting the racist defamation is insanity that everyone knew Beck possessed and could hold him accountable for and they punished him advertiserally (new word).

Attributing political convenience to one of America’s greatest Senators—who just happened to be buried yesterday—is slimy.

But how would one punish George Stephanopoulos? You can’t necessarily convince his advertisers to leave for that.

Large parts of the media seem intent on doing their part in ruining Obama’s chances of passing health care reform—more even than Obama himself so far.

Instead of investigating abuses by insurance companies or price gouging by pharmaceutical companies, they are focusing on the negatives of scorekeeping before Congress reconvenes in about a week.

By that time McCain, Hatch, Stephanopoulos and the others will have tried to make America believe that Teddy Kennedy would have been a Republican if he did not have to pretend he was a liberal for the sole reason of upholding his brother’s legacies.

Vultures are capable of digesting rotting corpses contaminated with Botulinum toxin (which is sold as Botox), hog cholera and anthrax.

Needless to say, they use their vomit as quite an effective defense mechanism in much the same way some snakes use their venom as projectiles.

The difference between vultures and cable news personalities and politicians is that what comes out of a vulture’s mouth isn’t as dangerous.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

For the Weekend

Here’s a song I from my childhood. The Fifth Dimension’s “Up, Up and Away” from 1967, I think. It was said to be a drug song. I was always attracted to Marilyn McCoo. She was hot. Ah, the 60s. Too bad you can’t make money just remembering.

Some of my favorites from my 77 blog history.

Reminiscing about childhood and one of mankind’s greatest achievements.

A bit of satire about politicians having scandals they have moralized about when other politicians had the same scandal.

A bit of satire about those who claim the moon landing was a hoax by showing how they presented us hoaxes to convince us the moon landing was a hoax.

Freedom of Speech means you can rebut the man you voted twice for when you think he’s out of line.

I still believe the Democrats can win even more in 2010 if they work hard and smart. Then we start electing Independents and make America a very progressive country it is already becoming.

Enjoy your American weekend!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

The Prejudice Opposing Health Care Reform

One day this will all be history. And I hope this generation and the ones that follow will see the important lessons to be learned. One of the most important of which is how strong is the grip by American corporations on our country and our politicians.

In theory, I suppose, American corporations are not a bad thing. But when you factor in greed, and when greed is piggybacked on war profits, oh boy…! All hell breaks loose.

Every political era has its defining moments and its defining issues. It is no different now than it was in the 60s when I was a kid. With Ted Kennedy’s death, Obama on the ropes (hopefully doing a rope-a-dope), the Democrats being weak and spineless and the Republicans also on the ropes but screaming as if vocal intimidation instead of hard hitting punches will win the match, health care reform and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are the defining issues of today.

The passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was a defining moment in America because it helped lead to the correction of a centuries-old travesty in America, meaning slavery and discrimination against the descendents of slaves.

The possible passage of health care reform is similar to the passage of the Civil Rights Act in at least one respect which has to do with prejudice. In the case of health care reform that prejudice is based on class.

Perhaps because we are so focused on white/black and white/Hispanic racism, we have totally ignored and, therefore, not become educated about, nor had a national conversation about class prejudice. It seems that classism and class prejudice was discussed much more a century ago and through the Depression.

But that all seemed to be swept away by the American victory in WWII and to be crushed by the anti-Communist witch hunt of the McCarthy era in the early 1950s and replaced by the growing Civil Rights Movement in the mid-50s through to today with the election of America’s first African-American president and the appointment of our first Latina Supreme Court Justice.

Insurance industry CEOs and their corporate capo regimes are like the Jim Crow bigots of the Old South. They are the lords of the health care power structure just as some Whites in the Old South were the lords of that power structure.

Possible passage of a bill requiring all Americans to carry insurance so that insurance companies make money of the now uninsured 46 million means they control every aspect of health care in America just as the lords in the Jim Crow South controlled nearly all aspects of life for blacks back then.

Insurance industry CEOs view people with disdain and contempt because they know they need us just as the Old South Whites—especially the slave masters—viewed blacks with contempt and hatred and violence because they knew they needed them for as one of the primary pillars of their agrarian economy.

Just as the white power structure in America determined which blacks they approved of, the insurance industry power structure does the same with who gets an operation, who gets an operation denied and who gets coverage period.

Those in Congress now are like those Dixiecrats back in the 60s who tried to maintain their status quo on segregation until the Kennedys, Martin Luther King, Jr., LBJ and others forced the Civil Rights Act through Congress.

The insurance and health industries and their Congressional minions want to maintain the status quo and put the prejudiced power structure and its profits over providing the human right of adequate health care for the People. “The People” in America has always represented a class of people which is usually the heart and soul of America—the poor and working class and small business owners.

One cannot have such a profound lack of compassion for something as fundamental to compassion itself as quality and affordable health care unless they already have a prejudice, a disdain and contempt for “the People”.

Those opposed to the principles of equality during the Civil Rights Movement often resorted to convoluted logic and confused doubletalk when trying to explain why segregation was good and how white superiority was “God’s will”.

We hear this same convoluted logic and confused doubletalk today from Republicans and Democrats opposed to health care reform on unspoken class grounds.

Others simply won’t even participate in the discussion. There are Congresspersons, Democrat and Republican, who won’t even read the bills and won’t vote for health care reform anyway.

Just as they called Martin Luther King, Jr. a “communist” because that was how their simplistic minds processed the concept of equality, they view health care reform as “socialism” because it benefits “We the People” and that is how their simplistic minds view equality.

There are those in the intelligentsia of the insurance industry power structure who use these buzzwords to inflame the situation. The ultimate irony is these racists are accusing Obama of being Hitler without making a coherent argument because they simply cannot due to a complete and total lack of logic inherent in its premise.
The vocal, violent mob mentality of the Old South’s power structure is very similar to what we see in the town hallers, the tea baggers and those “proud to be right wing terrorists” like that guy at the recent town hall in Reading, California.

The use of terrorism was how the Old South kept control over blacks, largely through the KKK and other vigilante means. The use of the town halls is how an insurance industry prejudiced against working class is keeping control over “the People”.

Between the two political parties, the Democrats were supposed to be for the people. Democrats like Ted Kennedy were, but many are not. Just as there were blacks known as Uncle Toms back in the day who sided with the white power structure that oppressed them and other blacks, many Democrats are traitors to the causes of the People because they are not of the same class.

Obviously Ted Kennedy was also not of the working class but was instructed from a very early age to help those less fortunate and that to whom much is given much is expected. That is compassion. But now they are trying to say that Kennedy was a “centrist” and not a liberal.

Just like some Whites in the Old South, Republicans and conservative Democrats believe that only they should be in power. They, like the Old South, believe it is God’s Will that they lead our country the way they see fit and the rest of us should shut up and be happy.

Now that we have a black president, can we now engage in some amount of discussion of classism in America without detracting from the worthy and ongoing national discussion of racism in America?

I still believe this moment in history gives us a profound opportunity to change America and make this country live up to its ideals that we so loudly profess to the rest of the world.

The forces that oppose health care reform in this country do so out of a deep, deep prejudice against the poor and working class in America. It is that simple and that discussion needs to be had on a national level so that we may out those bigots before they can poison our country any further.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Beyond Teddy Kennedy

I remember watching JFK’s funeral on TV when I was six years old and crying and not really understanding why I was crying. I don’t really remember hearing the news of RFK’s assassination but I have always taken pride that he was in my hometown the week before.

Tuesday night when I was writing yesterday’s blog, the news of Ted Kennedy’s death came across. But I knew I did not really know enough about his life and career to write a respectable and respectful piece, and that I would leave it to others.

The one thought I had Tuesday night was on a theme I have touched upon a few times, which is that there are certain people in the world who you feel are pillars of strength to guard you from bad things and you almost take them for granted. Ted Kennedy has always been one of those for me. One did not have to pay as much attention because Kennedy was there to do it for us.

There has been much made today of Ted Kennedy’s greatness as a Senator. I don’t doubt that. I think what contributed to our thoughts of Kennedy’s greatness was his special place in our national family as the only surviving brother of JFK and RFK.

We as Americans will never get over the assassinations of John and Bobby. It will simply fade from our collective national consciousness as those who have any memories of them fade into the night.

Who will replace Kennedy in what he wanted to accomplish? I had hoped Kennedy would have lived long enough to make the difference in the current health care reform debate that seems to have been hijacked away from the passionate, eloquence of Kennedy by the thuggish, screaming of the town hallers.

Kennedy’s death should be a wake up call to those with progressive ideals and the skills, intellect and talent to carry them through.

This means you, Mr. President.

Perhaps your attempt at bipartisanship is learned from Ted Kennedy’s modus operandi within the Senate. Well, I believe times have changed and a different strategy is obviously needed. I don’t believe saying you promised Kennedy and just naming the health care reform bill after him is enough to get Republicans and errant Democrats on board. Many of these people seem to have lost their souls long ago.

This means you, Mr. Hatch—Moonie alumni.

There are progressives waiting to be led if you are so inclined to lead, Mr. President. We need toughness and rapid response to shifting sands caused by insurance and pharmaceutical industry con men. If we see you are waiting too long we are prepared to go it alone.

One of Reagan’s famous quotes was, “Government isn’t the solution to our problems government is the problem.” Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn said Tuesday that government was not the solution. Obviously what they want is to de-regulate corporations and to corporatize America in education, health care and Social Security, among others.

We don’t want America to become corporatized. With Kennedy gone, we must now do it ourselves, trust no one and take no prisoners.

Good luck on Saturday, Mr. President. We will all be watching for more than just a eulogy. You have a lot of rising to the occasion to do.

What would America be like if JFK and RFK had lived with Teddy in the Senate? Maybe Oliver Stone needs a new film?

All that’s left in the immediate is for Glenn Beck to make some insensitive comments about Kennedy’s death and lose even more sponsors.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dem Damn Dems

A majority of Americans are in favor of health care reform with a public option and are more often than not in opposition with the Blue Dogs and Red Dogs who represent them on this very issue. Why? The corporatization of every aspect of American life.

It was reported last night on Keith Olbermann during Countdown’s report on
United Health Group that Obama met twice in May. So, it’s not just bipartisanship Obama is pursuing, it is tripartisanship—Democrats, Republicans and corporations.

While focusing one eye on health care reform, progressive Independents and Democrats should focus the other eye on winning as much as possible in 2010 and then again in 2012. Despite what I think we will be stuck will re-electing Obama at that time, no matter how frustrating and disappointing his first seven months have been.

Recently on Huffington Post, Beltway soothsayer Charlie Cook believes the Democrats may lose a minimum of 20 seats. I assume that is from both the Senate and the House. Cook’s prediction is based on the economy as the predominate issue.

I believe it’s still too early to tell. But I disagree that things will necessarily be so bad in 2010 for Democrats or those with a progressive agenda, but there may be one hell of a fight just to hold and gain ground.

The recent ridiculousness uttered by Tom Coburn, Chuck Grassley and Michael Steele in just the last day provide a bathroom window which progressives can go through if they just make an effort to connect to average Americans.

Can the opponents of Coburn, Grassley, etc. not point out that they and Republicans like them are out of step with the American people and in-step with heartless corporations who don’t care one bit about the American people except as consumers? Of course they can.

Obama is a great campaigner as evidenced by the fact he is our first black president. Can he convince voters that he needs Democrats help to finish his economic recovery? Without any unforeseen catastrophes, what’s not possible here without some hard work?

The other thing Progressives and progressive Democrats have going for them to insure victory and gains in 2010 is we are not that much of a center right country anymore. And we have not been for awhile. Remember, America did not really elect George Bush in 2000 or 2004, but we did really elect Obama last year.

A separation between progressive Democrats and Blue Dogs needs to be made more pronounced in 2010. My sense is the average American embraced a slightly more progressive agenda in 2008 because Bush was sooo bad. Well the Republicans are also bad and I think most Americans are not represented by these town hallers or their corporate agenda. For this reason progressives should go on the attack and paint Republicans and Blue Dogs as the corporate whores they are. I believe progressives can also make more victories than in the past provided they only talk about issues important to Americans and leave immigration reform for another election cycle or until the economy gets better.

Winning in 2010 means Republicans and Blue Dogs must pay for their lies, deception and acquiescence to the insurance industry.

But that means having viable Democratic or Independent candidates who can speak to the American people and show them how Grassley, Coburn, Baucus and the rest have lied to them about death panels, etc.

Progressives can build on this with clean energy and global climate change legislation, just as Republicans and Blue Dogs hope to, because most Americans want a clean energy world, not this “I’m an Energy Citizen” crap. The important thing to remember is set the agenda. That means begin talking about issues important to Americans NOW.

RNC Chairman Michael Steele’s Senior Health Care bullshit is only an attempt for the Republicans to save face in 2010. The Democrats and Progressives may see this as an RNC-Steele hypocrisy—Republicans saying they’re protecting Medicare for Seniors while having bashed Medicare while ranting against health care reform—but progressive may not be looking down the road.

The Democrats are only in power because Bush was so bad. Unfortunately, America electing the Democrats in 2006 was like an abused child running away from its violent and drunken father and into the care of a psychopath.

If a progressive agenda and candidates can hold against the push back in 2010, Republicans will be even more marginalized and crazed and will run someone guaranteed to lose in 2012 like Sarah Palin against Obama.

Barring any political violence—and you all know what I mean—there is hope for a progressive America in 2010 and even more so in 2012 and beyond. President Rahm Emanuel, anyone?

Will Democrats become impassioned by Kennedy’s death to vote for health care reform with a public option? Doubtful.

Most of them are not very bright guys and they will see Kennedy’s death as an excuse not to feel guilty about doing what the insurance industry wants them to do.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bipartisans Disease Becomes Contagious

Dateline December 5, 2010.

AMERICA - One month after the mid-term election in which Republicans roundly defeated Democrats and took back 21 seats in the Senate and 112 seats in the House, a strange and curious psychological phenomenon has befallen Americans.

Symptoms were noticed at the beginning of game four of the World Series in October when coaches from the two teams met each other on the infield to determine an outline for how both teams could come together to give America a good game.

The next day, after the media revealed that neither coach really wanted to win the remaining games, many believed the coaches and their teams had become the victims of some unknown freak side effect of steroid abuse that ESPN assumed was an over stimulation of the glands that manufactured estrogen, making the Boys of Summer seem like the Hermaphrodites of Fall. Balls were being dropped in more way than one.

People really began to notice when Heavyweight Boxing became Heavyweight Boring as #1 ranked Vitali Klitcshko and #4 ranked Chris Arreola stepped into the middle of the ring after the bell and began “getting along” with each other. They didn’t begin fighting, they began talking…about serious things—global climate change, international relations, and Jon and Kate Plus Hate as Vitali mis-stated it, causing Arreola and the Referee to laugh.

But the truth was Jon and Kate had inexplicably and suddenly reconciled which caused their ratings to, thankfully, plummet.

In courtrooms all over America, prosecutors and defense attorneys in capital murder cases suddenly began determining that bi-partisanship should prevail and both their interests be met, then immediately agreed that the murderers would be free on Wednesdays, Saturday and Sundays and incarcerated on Mondays, Tuesday, Thursdays and Fridays with a promise not to murder any one unless the murderer and a potential victim agree that attempted murder of the victim complies with a bi-partisan meeting of murderer’s and victim’s needs.

In this spirit Martin Scorsese recently announced plans for GoodFellas II where the son of Tommy (Joe Pesci’s character) grows up to avenge his father’s murder by having a sit down with the son of Billy Batts where he allows Junior Batts to beat him senseless in a Vegan restaurant, stuff him in the trunk of a Prius and bury him in an organic sugar snap pea patch until six months later when they have to “get it out of there” because the pea patch is going to be made into a Buddhist conflict resolution center.

Later in the year, the International Journal of Psychiatry in Medicine termed bi-partisans disease “Obamitis”. At the beginning, some in America confused bipartisans disease with Parkinson’s Disease, but those people were usually in the early stages of Alzheimer’s anyway.

The Journal says that being bi-partisan is the opposite of being bi-polar but is much more dangerous.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Congressman Christ - Episode 5

Congressman Christ noticed that the Secret Service Agents eyed him suspiciously as he entered the Oval Office. President Obama greeted Christ and bowed before him and kissed His hand—just like he was a Pope—or Saudi King Abdullah.

“Mr. President,” Congressman Christ said.

“Uh,” Obama stammered, “my staff still has not determined how I should address you, your…you see?”

“Congressman is what I was elected as,” Christ said.

“Then Congressman, let’s go shoot some hoops. Are you going to put on some sweats and sneakers? Your robe and sandals will only help me win,” Obama smiled.

“Would sweats and sneakers enable you to walk on water?” Congressman Christ asked.

Obama understood what He meant and smiled. “This way,” Obama said.

Congressman Christ and President Obama headed outside to the basketball court Obama had installed earlier in the year.

As Obama and Congressman Christ walked through the Rose Garden, He turned to Obama, “It’s been awhile since I was in the Garden,” Congressman Christ said with a smile. Obama did not know whether he should laugh or not.

“I was making a joke, Mr. President,” Congressman Christ said.

“I don’t think I can win against you. It wouldn’t be right, it wouldn’t be the…Christian thing to do,” Obama said, lowering his head.

“So you’re saying the liberals are right about you?” Congressman Christ offered.

“What’s that?” Obama bit.

“You’re a wuss,” Congressman Christ retorted with a smile.

A few minutes into the game, Congressman Christ noticed that Obama really was hesitant to play hard. Congressman Christ grabbed the ball away from Obama and held up his hand.

The Secret Service agents on the sidelines became alert, eyeing Christ for more threatening actions against the President.

“Mr. President,” He said, “allow me to offer some advice on your health care reform issue. I am called the Prince of Peace and look at what they do in my name. Look at what America has done using my name, believing I would approve. I don’t.” Christ looked at him intensely.

Obama lowered his head.

“But I said what you do to the lowest of them you do to me,” He said, “If you give the poor good health care, you give good health to me.”

“I am hoping to make it so,” Obama said.

“Do you think I could have gotten the Romans to agree on what was best for Judea—or to get the Pharisees, the Herodians to simply agree based on your bi-partisan philosophy? No,” He said.

“I thought being the Prince of Peace that—“

Congressman Christ interrupted him. “No. I chased the money changers from the Temple with a whip. And they ran because they had never seen the Prince of Peace so angry. There are reasons worthy of becoming angry. You must do the same because those Republicans and Democrats are taking the House of the Laws of the People and turning it into a Den of Thieves for Insurance Companies and Lobbyists. I have seen this.”

“But I am afraid—“

“Yes, we can all see that,” Congressman Christ interrupted again, “But what I did 2,000 years ago, what I died for was for the poor of many varieties, not the rich. I had Our Father on my side, you have the American people and me and Our Father on your side.”

Looking to change the conversation, and get to the game, Obama yanked the ball from Christ’s hands and began to dribble toward the basket for a lay up shot.

Congressman Christ waved his hand and the ball suddenly went flat. The ball did not bounce back up to Obama, who lost his concentration and stumbled into the goal post.

The Secret Service agents lunged at Christ but Obama called them off. They helped Obama stand and gave him a new basketball.

“If I win, I handle this my way—“

“If you win this, you lose that,” Christ said, interrupting Obama.

“If you win, I do it your way,” Obama smiled.

“You’re on,” Christ smiled back.

Obama dribbled toward Christ and then faked Christ to the left. But when Obama ran to the right Christ was standing right in front of Obama. Obama was shocked, so shocked that Christ took the ball from him and made the shot.

Christ threw the ball at Obama who began to dribble. Obama charged at the basket, but Christ stopped his advance. Obama stopped and held the ball aloft, preparing for a shot.

Christ nodded and the ball turned into a big slimy fish. Obama was repulsed and dropped the fish. Christ picked it up and it turned into a ball again and Christ made a twenty foot hook shot. All net.

Obama looked up, amazed. Christ threw him the ball again. Obama began to dribble again. Suddenly Obama could find Christ nowhere around him. Obama looked up at the basket and made the shot.

But by the time the ball left his hands, the goal had turned into a cross and Christ was nailed onto it just like the crucifixion. But Christ wasn’t nailed because he caught the ball while on the cross. He dropped to the court, ball in hand and the cross changed back to the goal post.

Christ turned and smiled at Obama then Christ made the shot.

“I can never win against you,” Obama said, realizing defeat.

“Serve the People,” Christ said, “not the Den of Thieves.”

Tomorrow: Health Care Reform, Republicans and Righteous Rage

Saturday, August 22, 2009

For the Weekend

Join us Monday for another thrilling and rapturous episode of the Internet’s #1 blog serial, Congressman Christ, where President Obama invites Jesus to the White House to shoot some hoops.


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July 6, 2009, the 52nd anniversary of the day John Lennon met Paul McCartney.

Friday, August 21, 2009

No, Obama Got a Little Excited!

In his radio interview with radio talk show host Michael Smerconish yesterday, President Obama said that the media and progressives got “a little excited” about the public option issue.

I would counter that President Obama got a little excited about the prospect of bi-partisanship for his health care reform effort. He got a little “turned on” one might say about Republicans helping him pass substantial and historic health care reform and I think it goes back to his semi-delusional Lincoln fantasy that he touted during the campaign. Did he think he and the Republicans were going to bring this country together? Is he putting his legacy ahead of the process of health care reform? Shouldn’t he be channeling the spirit of Teddy Roosevelt instead of Lincoln and FDR?

I would also argue that “progressives”—and me—didn’t get a little excited as much as we became a little afraid. Why? Because we can’t read his mind, and lately he has said some things about health care reform which raised concern that he may be selling us out. Also, we don’t fully trust that he knows what he’s doing or he is doing what he should be doing the right way.

Now, while we don’t all crowd into the cockpit to second guess the airline pilot when we’re going through turbulence, Obama seems to have lost some measure of control. Did he jump into this with too much naiveté? And by “this” I don’t just mean health care reform, I also mean his presidency.

I would have approached health care reform in a different way, so obviously there is not as much faith in him as he may expect us to have. Our trust is not strong for this and other reasons. Why? Because this is the President who has gone soft on the Bush-era torture issue prosecutions and policies, he has kept his White House visitor log secret, and he confused and even angered many with his reversal on Guantanamo, among other things during his seven-plus months in office. And, because this is the President who insists he is going to get the very same Republicans to join him who want to destroy him.

He is too nice and calm when I want fight and fire. Has his being born in laid-back Hawaii revealed itself to be a detriment for him? Seems like it. Next time we elect a black president maybe he should be born in Kenya!

Now, if this pursuit of bi-partisanship is a tactic of Obama’s to make the Republicans look bad and lose even more in 2010, I’ll give it a chance. But first, let me explain what I mean.

Only Obama knows exactly what he can and will do on health care reform to get what he promised during the campaign. Just as Captain Kirk frequently took the Enterprise to the brink of destruction—and scared Scotty, the ship’s most intimately knowledgeable engineer, to death—in pursuit of that week’s enemy, perhaps that is what Obama is doing. Perhaps the Spock comparison has been misapplied all along.

If Obama is buttering up the Republicans by being very diplomatic in his pursuit of bi-partisanship by not doing or saying anything rude or mean or nasty to anger them, his strategy may be that he knows the Republicans will reject his attempts in the end anyway and then when Democrats do pass health care reform with the public option alone and the American people like it and find there are no death panels and none of the other scare tactic items they hurled with venom during the August recess, then Americans will have good reason not to trust Republicans. That’s my theory.

Two things anyone who has ever played poker knows are: play your cards close to your vest and always keep a poker face. Is that what Obama is doing? Is that what he did on Saturday when he said the public option was only a sliver of health care reform? Was he bluffing the Republicans?

The Republicans have already shown their hand because we know how many cards they have in Congress and from these stupid town hall bullying sessions, they led early with their best cards. Everyone already knows the Republican believe they are ordained by God to head the American government. Therefore, their actions are somewhat predictable and their hand can be figured out.

However, to embellish my theory about Obama, when the American voter sees how the Republicans shamelessly sided with the insurance industry and blatantly lied to scare them, maybe a sufficient number of elderly, poor and working class Republican and Independent voters may vote against Grassley, Coburn, DeMint and Vitter in the Senate and various Republican and evil Democrat Representatives in the House.

We’ll see.

On the other hand, maybe I’m wrong. Maybe Obama needs to become someone we can trust by fighting. He needs to stop being Barack Obama and become Barrage (of punches) o-BAM!!-a, and he needs to start swinging now.










Yes, I loved the 60s Batman TV series when I was a kid.

So, no, Mr. President, we did not become a little excited. It was more like we don’t know you that well or for that long and what you revealed about yourself during the courtship, you changed noticeably once we said “I do”.

What kind of marriage is this going to be?

Well, if we find out after the 2010 elections that Obama has secretly been a Scientologist since the late-80s that may explain some things but we’d better make an appointment with an attorney asap.

If he is or has ever been a Scientologist, he needs to resolve this bi-partisan engram that tortures him and focus on a uni-partisan endgame.

Rimshot!! Goodnight, everybody!!

Join us Monday for another thrilling and rapturous episode of the Internet’s #1 blog serial, Congressman Christ, where President Obama invites Jesus to the White House to shoot some hoops.

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Global Climate Change Reform

Now the Tea Baggers, Birthers, Deathers, Gunners, and other nutbags are taking on global climate change legislation by pretending they are grassroots. But the pay-no-attention-to-that-man-behind-the-curtain moment has already happened. It has been revealed that this new movement is connected to Dick Armey’s FreedomWorks and the oil industry.

Somebody had better be setting a trap for the Congresspersons who are against the public option and for the agenda of the oil industry’s “Energy Citizens” or “Climaters” or “Changers”. I want to be the first to come up with a name for them.

On another note:

This guy with the semi-automatic assault rifle and the semi-automatic assault smile he had on his face in Phoenix on Monday was black. This must have some in the pro-gun, anti-Obama camp worried because what was once, seemingly, an all-white club—the hate-Obama-because-he’s-African-not-American—has been invaded by a black guy. This is almost like the Klan being invaded by a black guy who also hates blacks. Now these gun people will use this guy as proof they’re not racist against Obama while 95 percent of these Gunners will form a separate group and the rest will learn not to be racist, just paranoid.

What would have been great would have been this guy saying he was Muslim. That would have made all the difference. And it would have been so funny to see the looks on all those pro-gun guys’ faces. They would have wrestled him to the ground and taken that killing machine away from him.

What I would love to see is we put all these idiots in a large auditorium and tell them all that there are some secret Nazi Socialists among them and if they can if they can find them they can go home. They’d all beat the shit out of each other because they’re so filled with rage and paranoia which equals zealot.

Obama had better be able to sink one from center court because the Republicans and the insurance industry are not letting him inside.

By the way, what do Dick Armey and Dick Cheney have in common politically other than being Republicans?

They’re both Dicks.

Ha ha. Oh, sometimes I even amuse (not) myself.

A scattered blog, today. Sorry. I spent a lot of time today building the eviction case against the tenant I mentioned yesterday. That can be very draining. And I had the cops in my building again today, this time asking about a former tenant.

But back to greater and lesser realities:

I applaud the Barney Frank exchange today about Nazi health care. I need argumentativeness from Democrats to feel like there’s hope.

I was once accused by a tenant of being a Nazi. I think I had given him a notice about not breaking into the mailboxes. I cannot remember exactly. But this guy was such a nutcase that he permanently disabled himself rather than ask for my help.

He knocked on the door of the on-site maintenance guy and asked him if he had keys for his apartment. The maintenance guy said no because he had just woken up, he did not have the keys with him—they were in the office.

Before the tenant could be questioned further he ran away. The maintenance guy called me. I was on the third floor, so I went back to the office and left the door open thinking he would come to me in the office. I waited and waited and finally I heard a loud slam, followed by a loud “Fuck!”. I ran out the back door and around to the side of the building and found the tenant lying on his side on the concrete walkway. I called out his name. He said, “Jim, please help me!”

He had fallen off an eight inch wide board that he put from the roof of the building next door into the window of his apartment. As he was scooting across the board, his butt hit a nail and he lost his balance. He fell about twenty feet onto the concrete, shattering both his ankles, breaking his hip and permanently disabling himself and his ability to walk.

All he had to do was follow the proceeds and be a little patient. But he was so hyper that I was evil that he became a victim of his own delusion.

And with that…on to the Changers!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Progressive Option?

Are progressives now an option in Congress? It has been within progressives control since January 20th if not Election Day last year. By “it” I mean their ability to influence national policy on some issues, the biggest and most important of which is arguably health care reform. But they don’t seem to have done it.

The first draft of yesterday’s blog contained the question “Where are the progressives?” I took it out Monday night because progressive Democrats drew a “line in the sand” on Monday (and we all know how solid and unmovable sand is) about the public option being included in anything that comes out of Congress and goes to Obama’s desk.

Being pro-active is very helpful to get what you want. This may be a gross generalization, but I think most progressives are so passive and peaceful that they even think fighting for what’s right is wrong. Get some cojones! Get your knuckles bloody if you have to!

Today I called the police at the building I manage because the problem-causing guest of a less-than-admirable tenant molested one of my tenants. Yesterday the guest caused another problem which brought everything forward. Now it is a matter of building the case against the tenant which will legally force him to leave because he did not believe he had to control his guest which allowed the guest to molest the tenant. Drugs were involved, of course. Containing and removing threats to other tenants’ peaceful enjoyment of their premises is part of my job and doesn’t happen if I just sit in my office and wait for things to resolve themselves or complain that I have no control over my building.

This is what progressives must do continuously from health care forward because I don’t think most mainstream Democrats have enough cojones to stand up to Republican bullying.

What may help progressives and Democrats in general with regard to public support of health care reform is to define the terms being used in the bills in Congress and the plans Obama has in mind.

At first hearing, who would know what a public option is just from hearing those two words? That sounds like public offering of a stock purchase. A co-op. What the hell? That’s a real estate term to most people. Couldn’t the brains behind Obama’s election and his campaign slogans not have invented terms which makes the specifics of health care reform easy to understand.

Perhaps like politics, landlord-tenant law in California does not always follow common sense or logic. But there is a framework with which I can protect my tenants.

Teabaggers and Astroturfers defined and owned health care debate in this country for a good month through town halls until last week when Obama finally came out of his cave and began to refute the outrageous myths which many Americans believed were true. Republicans defined the game while Obama and the Democrats were on the sidelines warming up. Playing catch up is not good politics.

Progressives need to get ahead of the scare tactic-question of health care reform providing free health care for illegal immigrants.

Should progressives not have started earlier to take control? Hell yes! Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are simply not fighters. Don’t wait for them to do anything.

I don’t care if this is a recess or not. Reid needs to be on the phone to Max “Raucous” Baucus and Kent “Been had” Conrad and reign them in. I hope they have learned their lesson for agenda items in the future. As the Republicans become more and more controlled by the far right, doesn’t that not also mean that, conversely, lefty liberals should move to take control of the Democrats just to balance things out in America?? Maybe I’m nuts.

The work of the Democrats in the 2010 election, before they become the Dem-o-craps, should be to focus on defeating Grassley, Coburn, DeMint and Vitter.

If the Dems allow Stormy Daniels to be Vitter’s only challenger I will be move to Louisiana and vote for Vitter myself.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Losing the Public Option

When Keith Olbermann announced last Election Day that Obama would be our next president, I choked up and became emotional, partly because of the racial aspect—America elected it’s first African American president—and partly due to relief for my two months of concern and frustration about Sarah Palin and her hate-filled campaign rallies where she pretended she had a right to stir up cries of “Kill him!”, and partly because I thought we’d elected a president who may reverse some of the Bush administration’s policies and give America some standing in the world.

Sunday morning when I saw that Obama was considering surrendering the public option to the Republicans and the insurance industry I became angry. “Republican pressure” and “uneasy public” is what it said was Obama’s explanation.

Where are the Democrats’ backbones? So far all I’ve seen on this side of the debate is an ad using the same actors from 1994 who were in an ad against it (Great [heavy sarcasm] gimmick!!) and an ad by AARP. This seems to be a case of too little too late.

And what about Obama? We elect him for “change” and the only thing he changes is what he is doing compared to what he said he’d do. Is he taking this Lincoln fixation he has too far by actually believing he will unite the country. Does he realize Lincoln only did that after winning a war?! Does he further realize he’s not even fighting a war to win health care reform that he could win if he tried.

Immediately after his Inauguration, Obama wussed out by trying to be all bi-partisan, inviting the Republicans to the White House for cocktails. Who gives a shit about cocktails?! Did he think after losing to him that Republicans were going to be civil? That kind of civility is like a thief smiling at you before he pulls the gun.

I am tired of the weak Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barack Obama-type Democrats. After eight years of Bush we all have to vent some anger. And nothing does that better than impeachment.

But Democrats are the true Christians because they always turn the other cheek. Democrats love their enemies so much they kiss their ass. In the Bible Matthew 5:40 it says “If anyone wants to sue you and take your tunic (shirt), let him have your cloak as well.” To Democrats their “cloak” is synonymous with majority votes.

Some of these sell-out Democrats are already bought by the Health Insurance industry. That’s the behind-the-scenes aspect to this whole mess that the town halls are a distraction from.

Democrats think that because they gained in 2006 and 2008 that now it’s their turn to be corrupt and get away with it. Their campaign contributions, they think, will go up in 2010 because they “behaved”. Idiots! They’ve been bought and sold like the weak, stupid slaves they are. GodDem damnocrats.

I watched “Goodfellas” yesterday—not on AMC—and it reminded me of this very situation. Obama is the restaurant owner trying to get Joe Pesci to pay his $7,000 bill because fair is fair. Joe Pesci is the health care industry who hits him over the head with a bottle and kicks him in the ass.

All I’m smart enough to do right now is write and manage an apartment building. But even I know that health care reform should have been pre-sold back in June and July by using the same means that helped Obama get elected.

Today there was talk that the Republicans want to dismantle Medi-care. A word of advice to them: ask the Democrats to be bi-partisan and they will do it for you.

Both Obama and Palin played basketball. Palin was so competitive she earned the nickname “barracuda”. Obama’s competitiveness probably earned the nickname “tortoise”.

During the campaign Palin described her ferocity as lipstick on a Pitbull. Obama may as well describe his as Chapstick on a Chihuahua.

Last year Palin was for the Bridge to Nowhere before she was against it. Last year, Obama was for the public option before he was against it and health care reform isn’t going anywhere.

His campaign slogan was “Yes We Can”. Now it seems to be more like “Yes We…Well, Let Me See if They’ll Agree To It First”.

His other slogan was “Change We Can Believe In”. Now it seems to be more like, “Change We Can Deceive In”.

Am I missing something here? Was Blagojevich secretly appointed to head health care in a quid pro quo for naming someone ridiculous to fill his Senate seat so Obama could have it back in January 2013?

We have a first with Obama being the first black president. Will we have another first in that Obama will also be the first president to run for his old Senate seat while serving as president?

All the Republicans have to do now is create a phony national security issue to really wrest the government back from Americans.

On to Global Warming, Social Security, Medi-Care and every other campaign promise he made.

I hope I’m wrong.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Congressman Christ – Episode Four

Christ has returned to Earth for his Second Coming. In 2008, he ran for and won election to the U.S. House of Representatives from the 27th Congressional District of Texas in Corpus Christi.

“Jesus!” was called out as Congressman Christ walked down the hallway to his office. He stopped and turned.

“I’m sorry, ma’am,” shouted back the Capitol Police officer, “all visitors must go through security!”

“I’m not a visitor, I’m Sarah Palin and I came to see Jesus!”

“Let her through,” Congressman Christ called out.

Palin marched up to Congressman Christ. “Your Messiahfulness,” she gulped then sighed to catch her breath. “I’m an important person in American politics. You probably heard about me even before politics, I’ve certainly prayed to you enough.”

Congressman Christ began to respond but Palin cut him off.

“I’m a Pentecostal. We’re probably the Christians you would approve of most out of all the other Christians.”

“Are you sure?” He asked.

“Some of those other Christians are religious elites. They look down on us for our talking in tongues and our praying against witchcraft and our shooting wolves from airplanes.”

“Shooting wolves from airplanes? You consider that Christian?”

“You betcha. The Lord is my shepherd! Every shepherd knows wolves kill flocks. We literally interpret the Bible,” Palin said.

“Is there something you need from me?” He said, anxious to get to his office.

“Can you make it so that America takes me more seriously?”

“Your pastor prayed for me to make a way for you to be Governor and you became Governor, but then you threw away the answer to your prayer when you resigned.”

“I did it to better serve the people of this Great nation against the evils of Obama.”

“Do you remember when you prayed to be able to go to Hawaii Pacific University and I granted your prayer and then you quit after one semester?”

“Yes, but—“

“And then you prayed to go to North Idaho College and I granted that prayer, but you quit after two semesters.”


“And then you went to the University of Idaho without praying and then you prayed to continue your education near your family and to be near Todd, so I granted that and you lasted there for one semester again!”

“Todd was—“

“Then you went back to University of Idaho. You prayed to become a sportscaster and I made you a sportscaster, but you quit that too!”

Congressman Christ was starting to raise his voice.

“Face it! You don’t finish what you start! You’re for the bridge then you’re against it! You speak about Death Panels then you preach civility!”

“Maybe we should go to my office,” Congressman Christ gestured for her to follow him.

“No, there may be a photographer or a news camera coming by any minute,” she said, “I get more political clout having my photo taken with you than with that loser John McCain.”

“I am very busy, Mrs. Palin,” He said.

“I need to ask you something—well, a couple of things, your Saviorship,” she looked at him with fear and desperation.

“Like what?” He asked.

“I need to ask about…divorce,” she said in a hushed tone.

“It is written: anyone who divorces his wife, except for marital unfaithfulness, and marries another woman commits adultery. Are you divorcing?” He asked.

Palin grabbed Him by the arm and hurried him to His office. “Let’s go! We don’t need photos that bad!”

“Do you remember praying almost a hundred times that you wanted me to make Todd love you, that Todd would ask you out, that Todd would call you, that Todd would propose and that Todd would not change his mind?” Congressman Christ asked. His voice became pointed with frustration.

“I was busy answering prayers of people in war,” He continued, “People who were going to die, children who were in trouble! And you kept bothering me about Todd! Todd! Todd!”

Christ had not been this angry since Simon Peter used to run around to all who had gathered when Christ was preaching his sermons, saying, “Pull my thumb”.

The veins were popping out on Congressman Christ’s forehead, he was so frustrated.

“I could care less if you get divorced!” He exclaimed. “First you are for this university then you’re against it, then you’re for the bridge then you’re against it, then you’re for being Governor, then you’re against it, then you’re against civility, then you you’re for it, then you’re against it!”

“I’m sometimes confused,” she said.

“It’s like you’re speaking in tongues when praying, you make as much sense!” Congressman Christ was fed up.

“Instead of fighting Obama on something like un-real like death panels, why don’t you fight him on something un-Christian like torture?!”

Christ fumed. Palin became timid.

“I’m sorry. Sometimes I feel like I’m being crucified.”

“Well, why don’t I get a hammer and nails so you can have the full effect?!”

Congressman Christ paced around his office rubbing his neck to calm down.

“I’m sorry I made you so mad. I do the same to Todd. I have just one more question then I’ll leave.”


Palin became afraid for a moment then pulled herself together. “I’ve been thinking about running for president in 2012. Are you at all interested in becoming vice-president? We’d win very easy.”

Congressman Christ just looked at her and sighed.

Join us next week for another thrilling and rapturous episode of Congressman Christ when President Obama invites Him to the White House to shoot some hoops.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Congressman Christ - Episode Four - Monday

Join us next week for another thrilling and rapturous episode of “Congressman Christ” when Sarah Palin asks Jesus to join her on Facebook as a friend.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Free Maziar Bahari

Iran is never far from my thoughts. Our stupid neo-conmen like John Bolton who want war to bloody the nose of Khamenei and Ahmadinejad with a war could not have done what the Iranian people themselves are doing by trying to take their country back, perhaps inspired by a speech—not warfare—but a speech by Obama and America’s election of him, a president with Muslim family members and a Muslim name.

Watching Rachel Maddow tonight, there was an interview with Paola Gourley, the very pregnant wife of Canadian journalist and filmmaker, Maziar Bahari, who is imprisoned in Iran, without charge and denied access to an attorney.

There is a
website one can go to and a there is a petition to sign. I signed the petition and am number 4714.

I see it this way: the Iranians are like the Republicans in the U.S. They are slowly losing every measure of power they once held. Whatever the Iranian power mongers do in reaction to the Green Revolution further isolates them and, next election, there definitely will be a change in elected officials—if not before. The youth of Iran wants change.

Support the freedom of Maziar Bahari and that of journalists all over the world.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Congressman Christ – Episode Four - On Monday

Join us Monday for another thrilling and rapturous episode of “Congressman Christ” when Sarah Palin asks Him to join her as a friend on Facebook.

Same Christ time. Same Christ channel.

10 Worst Untold Things About Health Care Reform

A few things they are not telling us about public health care reform:

1. To be bipartisan, Obama has decided that Karl Rove will determine which doctors will be fired for medicinal reasons.

2. Similar to do-it-at-home dentistry, under the health care reform, vasectomies will also be performed with a string and a slamming door.

3. All those needing costly invasive medical procedures will first be sent to Afghanistan and made to kill three Taliban leaders before any surgery takes place.

4. There will be a Death Panel and it will consist of Paula Abdul. It will be televised on the Disney Channel where the elderly will be required to perform their end-of-life wishes in interpretive song, dance or other talent and Paula will determine who lives and dies.

5. Under public health, a “birther” will not qualify for the plan unless they are eight months pregnant. Conversely, “deathers” will not qualify for the plan unless they are already deceased.

6. In some cases, the prescribed medicine will be replaced with placebos. Also, in some cases, medical professionals will be replaced with casual bowlers.

7. Pediatric care covered by the public health plan shall not apply to the first born son of the family due to the plan’s requirement of child sacrifice to Obama.

8. While Obama is not a Nazi, the doctors in the public health care plan will be Nazis. Josef Mengele’s grandson, Rutger Mengele will determine who gets treatment and who gets amputations. The procedure for who sees the doctor first will be changed from “Take a number” to “Take a Swastika”.

9. Siamese Twins will be separated, but to save time, operations will only be performed during scheduled Two-for-One specials.

10. To save taxpayer money, all plastic surgery procedures shall use soda bottles cultivated from bus stop trash cans, microwave-melted to your individual face’s specifications.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Republicans May Lose More in 2010

I say let the Republicans and Blue Dogs say and do whatever they want on health care reform. If polls, which I will cite are accurate, the Republican Party may be even more marginalized in 2010, reversing a long-standing trend where the opposing party gains seats. Impossible you say? Didn’t Reagan end the trend of curse of the “zero president” or was John David Hinckley just a wuss in his job as the curse’s facilitator?

On Election Night last year a close personal friend of mine up the beach who is a recording artist agreed with me that if there is ever going to be a three-party system in this country it would be the Republicans splitting in two—like an earthworm that, when it’s cut in half, crawls in two separate directions.

With extremism on the right increasing through the issues of health care and abortion and birtherism, moderate Republicans have been effectively silenced. In fact, this recent extremism is so loud, even other far-right Republicans are working hard just to catch up and be heard, except John Ensign and the C Street-The Family politicians.

Warning: the following is not a prediction but only the observance of a possible scenario.

Recent polls show that the “vast” or “overwhelming” majority of Americans—in some polls more than the number of those who voted for Hope and Change—want health care reform. Health care is one of those hot button issues that effect people in a deeply emotional way—much more than tax cuts. Health care involves a relative dying or in misery, tax cuts only involve freeing up enough cash to buy a new car or get a face lift.

If Republicans and Blue Dog Dems are seen as being whores for insurance industry pimps and against the people come 2010 the trend Dems benefited from beginning in 2006, and which grew in 2008, could grow even more in 2010.

If that happens and the Republicans are forced down to about 30 in the Senate and down to about 150 in the House, two things may happen—the Republicans may split after a long-overdue moderate Republican backlash takes place, and, passing a progressive agenda through Congress may also get easier.

But the above presupposes that Democrats will get the balls and fight to win elections as happened in 2008. I have never thought Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid had the balls to correct the wrongs in government when they had the opportunity. I still wish Pelosi had gone after Bush-Cheney for impeachment. Cheney deserved to have his face rubbed in the dirt after the things he’s done throughout his political career, not just as vice-president. His I’m-above-the-law snobbish attitude alone deserved a bloody nose.

Impeaching Bush may have set some things straight in that stratosphere of government just as impeaching Reagan may have straightened out the abuses in his office, many of which involving drugs that I wrote about in my
first four posts of this blog.

If they had impeached Bush maybe that would have shaken up the Imperial Owners so that our Imperial Manager, Obama, would not have had to sell out as much as he has or experience the difficulties he has. But no, Pelosi and Reid chose to put all that behind us just as Attorney Genital Eric Holder is putting torture behind us so they can keep using it, I guess, by not making it a crime, despite the Special Prosecutor sideshow he seems to be starting.

But I digress. Recent polls by the Gallup organization, which, according to Wikipedia, rates 17th out of 23 for accuracy, show that many
states that were red in 2008 are now in play. A slight majority of these people in Texas have labeled themselves as “leaning Democrat”. Thanks, Rick Perry.

And that gubernatorial reference points me to the thesis of this piece that I have lolligagged about getting to, which is this: let the Republicans do and say what they want and they will pay for it next year. As Forrest Gump said, “Stupid is as stupid does”.

As my close personal friend who is a recording artist will tell you, the Democrats are just as pro-war as the Republicans.

That is true, but I believe the Democrats are more malleable, as evidenced by the putty-like feeling I get when I’ve held Barbara Boxer in my hands. Plus, progressivism is more closely connected to Independents but there aren’t enough of them so, for now, Democrats will have to do until the Democrats break down into more than one party after the Republicans.

Exploring the point I made about the Republicans splitting will have to wait for another post.

Once the far right is marginalized into extremist criminal acts and all locked up, and as their audiences for their TV networks and radio shows disappears, maybe, just maybe, we can turn our attention to ending global climate change, providing quality health care for all and reducing the Taliban to becoming contestants on a nationally-televised show in Afghanistan and Pakistan called “Talibans Got Talent”.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I Want My Country Back

One of my all-time favorite films is “To Kill a Mockingbird” (“TKM”). I first saw it at about age 13 or so on TV. It moved me so much I even read the book. I don’t know that I comprehended the racial message or the sexual and physical abuse message that much on a conscious level, but I am certain I got much of it on a subconscious level.

Last week during one of the town hall meetings on the health care reform debate debacle, a teary-eyed, red-headed, emotional woman who had the aura of a domestic violence survivor, almost stomping her feet in a childish way exclaimed into a microphone, “I want my country back!”

She reminded me of the character Mayella Violet Ewell who was sexually and physically assaulted by her father and, when it became obvious she was lying, she lashed out at the jury, screaming incoherently, “And if you fine fancy gentlemen ain’t gonna do nothin’ about it…with your fancy ass…don’t come to nothin’, Mr. Finch! Ugh!” before she ran into the arms of her abusive father.

I will never be able to look at the face of Brock Peters as Tom Robinson, the accused rapist, without seeing Barack Obama again. After all, they’re both black (although Obama’s half-white, remember?) and there are the similarities in their names—I think Brock Obama would be better than Barry, don’t you?

Despite the disappointment and frustration that progressives have with him or his war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan as our Imperial Manager, Obama, in the context of health care reform debate/debacle, is being accused, tried and executed for crimes he did not commit.

The Radical Right accusing Obama of socialism, killing old people and Sarah Palin’s baby, comparing him to Hitler, and attempting to overthrow his presidency with fake birth certificates are nothing more than attempts to reassert the power structure that was taken away from them in the last two elections.

Trying and sentencing Tom Robinson for a crime committed by the abusive white father of the victim sitting on the witness stand was the way the corrupt power structure, the men from Old Sarum, maintained control. Accusing and trying Obama in the court of public opinion and convicting him of Nazism is nothing more than the white conservative power structure in America attempting to maintain control and maintain the status quo of a corrupt and abusive health care system that does their community more damage than good just like Maycomb’s racism held that community back.

In this analogy, I guess Rush Limbaugh would be the father character, Bob Ewell, since Limbaugh’s the father of the Republican Party, and benefited from his own health insurance with his OxyContin addiction which certainly was not on a single payer plan if Palm Beach County Florida law enforcement authorities noticed Limbaugh’s name in connection with a black market drug ring during an investigation back in 2003. But I digress.

The members of the Old Sarum mob who confront Atticus the night they try to break Tom Robinson out for a lynching would be Glenn Beck, Dick Armey and throw some of those damned Blue Dog Dems in there as well. They’re all idiots.

If Beck and Limbaugh had lived thousands of years ago, they would have been against the use of fire, they would have been against the creation of the wheel and they would have been against planting crops. These guys and the people they represent would rather eat raw meat just to maintain their status quo than create anything that would benefit those without in America.

But who is the Atticus Finch character in all this? Will it be Bill Clinton? Ooh, interesting characterization on at least the southern male angle—but no. I doubt Atticus Finch would have killed innocents in Iraq or had oral sex with an intern. And I am certain Atticus knew what the meaning of the word “is” is.

And perhaps more importantly, who is the Boo Radley character— who comes to save the day by killing the Bob Ewell character and every evil thing he was capable of from that day forward?

As we all know (and for those who don’t) Boo was a guy perceived as evil by the entire community who was misunderstood and came to save the day in the end. Who would be Boo?

John Cornyn? He has white hair and that albino look—even though Robert Duval is better looking. Bobby Jindal? No albino look, but hey, aren’t some of the broader points of this piece and “TKM” about race. The problem with Jindal is he’s too much of Barney Fife to be a Boo Radley. Se la vie.

Progressive, pro-health care reformers sitting quietly in the town hall meeting are like the blacks of Maycomb (the fictional town) forced to sit silently up in the second-floor gallery while the rabble rousers take up every occupiable space on the first floor of the courtroom.

This is an incredible similarity in this analysis between Mayella Ewell and Sarah Palin, however. The lies and victimization from the witness stand and not knowing how Tom Robinson supposedly raped her is like Palin lying during the campaign and now claiming Obama will kill her baby, proclaiming the media elites have treated her badly and not knowing anything about Supreme Court cases, etc and many other things she has shown her ignorance on. Mayella’s lashing out at the courtroom before feeling the witness stand into her father’s arms is uniquely similar to Palin lashing out at everyone before fleeing the governor’s office into First Dude’s arms. Even their shoes are almost the same.

The major differences between Obama and Tom Robinson in this analogy are that Obama is left handed and Tom Robinson’s left arm was damaged. What I hope is the other difference is that Obama doesn’t run away like Tom Robinson did.

Barack Obama. B-rock Peters.

Obama is no more a Nazi than Tom Robinson was a rapist. But the tactics of loud and constant accusation is how mob rule wins just as it did in “To Kill a Mockingbird”.

I want my country too. But I can’t want it back because I don’t think I ever had it. Instead, it’s something I’ll just have to keep working toward.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Congressman Christ - Episode Three

Christ has returned to Earth for his Second Coming. In 2008, he ran for and won election to the U.S. House of Representatives from the 27th Congressional District of Texas in Corpus Christi.

Congressman Christ’s arrival at the Capitol building every day always drew a crowd of the curious, the skeptical and the lame asking Christ to heal them. And he did. Those who had AIDS and cancer came and were cured, those who could not see or walk came and became sighted and pedestrians, those who had a severe addiction to “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” left with a desire to only watch PBS.

After Congressman Christ cured everyone, he turned to begin ascending the Capitol steps when someone called out from the crowd, “What have you enjoyed since your return?” Congressman Christ turned and replied, “Pizza. With no anchovies.”

“Who is your favorite Pope?” someone shouted from the back.

“John Paul…no wait, those are my two favorite Beatles,” He answered and began singing “Hey Jude” to himself.

Meanwhile, in the background a long black limo pulled to a stop. An old man climbed out. He was Douglas Coe, the 80 year old leader of The Family, Washington’s secret religious power elite group. And Congressman Christ watched him for He knew that Coe had come for Him.

The crowd parted as Coe walked through them. “You see, I am like Moses parting the Red Sea,” Coe said as he smiled to Congressman Christ.

“Moses parted the Red Sea to help the Children of Israel escape the Egyptian army. You are not running from an army but are trying to command one using my name,” Congressman Christ replied.

“Then you know who I am. You are either very perceptive, extremely lucky or you really are Christ,” Coe said.

“You have many doubts,” Congressman Christ said, “You doubt that my words and those of our Heavenly Father to help the poor are true. You believed what your founder said—that he had a vision of God who told him everyone got it wrong that our Heavenly Father was really concerned more about the rich and powerful than the poor and oppressed.”

“The rich and powerful are God’s children too,” Coe said as he approached the first step, “You should live with us at C Street.”

Congressman Christ ignored the invite. “Do you remember what I said in Matthew 24?’ He asked and looked squarely in Coe’s eyes.

Coe only smiled, knowing the scripture to which Congressman Christ referred.

Congressman Christ tired of Coe’s attempts at manipulation. He said, "At that time many will turn away from the faith and will betray and hate each other, and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people. Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold, but he who stands firm to the end will be saved.... For false Christs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and miracles to deceive even the elect."

Coe’s smile was frozen on his face. Then he spoke: “I just needed confirmation that you are truly Christ, Master.”

“I am truly Christ,” He said. Congressman Christ turned and began to ascend the steps.

“I can take you to many capitals around the world so you may speak to many leaders to help you with your work,” Coe called out.

Congressman Christ stopped and turned. “And as Satan told me in the desert, ’All this authority I will give You and their glory; for this has been delivered to me, and I give it to whomever I wish.’”

Coe could no longer smile.

“You hold the rich and powerful above the meek and poor,” Congressman Christ told him as he descended the steps. The crowd that was gathered became excited. “Do you remember my Sermon on the Mount?” He added.

Coe looked at him blankly.

“The meek shall inherit the earth,“ He said. “Do you remember when I said in the Synagogue “The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to preach good news to the poor?” He asked.

“So you do not love the rich and powerful?” Coe asked.

“You are setting for me a trap with words like the Chief Priests of the Temple?” Congressman Christ responded.

Coe smiled a shit-eating grin.

“Did I not have compassion for the Roman Centurion? Did I not welcome the tax collectors?”

Coe turned and walked back to his limo. Congressman Christ called out to him, “I have not finished with you. When I visit your office, will you invite me in?”

Coe slammed his limo door and sped off.

There was a long silence. Congressman Christ looked out at the amazed crowd.

“Was he an evil man?” someone shouted.

“No, but God gave his believers sexual scandals so the people would be made aware of his bad deeds,” He answered.

There was a pause.

“So what’s your favorite movie?” someone called out.

“‘Dirty Harry’,” He called back then ascended the steps.

Join us next week for another thrilling and rapturous episode of “Congressman Christ” when Sarah Palin asks Him to join her on Facebook as a friend.

Friday, August 7, 2009


Ahoy there, bloglodytes.

I have many ideas for blogs but all require more energy and time than I can force from my brain and down through my fingers. I am exhausted and.... See? I'm too tired to remember what else to say.

Ideas I had for blogs but dismissed are:

There really is more than one way to tie your shoes.

What is the definition of reasonable pliability?

An examination of the most American shades of red and blue; I know white has no shades.

Does global climate change have to happen on earth? Can we not put it in a rocket and send it to the moon?

God answers more prayers from reptiles than from humans.

Devo got it wrong—there is actually too much paranormal, not paranoia.

Democrats are half the men that Republicans are, but Republicans are twice he bastards they should be.

When America ever goes to war with China, will our military leaders use fortune cookies to determine battle strategies?

The similarity between the words lawyer and liar—are there hidden meanings?

Among space aliens watching our television transmissions from years ago, do they agree with us that Kate Jackson was the smartest of Charlie’s Angels?

How to make a Molotov Cocktail using a lighter, a rag and a can of Red Bull.

As you can see, I really am exhausted.

See you Monday with a new episode of Congressman Christ. Same Christ time, same Christ channel.

In the meantime, here’s one of the TV’s greatest theme songs.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Lubna's Trial Postponed

Today it was reported that the trial of Lubna Hussein, the Sudanese woman accused of violating Islamic law for wearing trousers (doesn’t that seem ridiculous?), has been postponed until it could be determined if she is subject to trial because of being an employee of the United Nations.

You may remember from reading about her here (among other more prominent news sources) last week that she had agreed to quit her position at the U.N. (which she did) because she wanted to go to trial to make her point that she and other women who wore trousers were not violating decency laws. Ms. Hussein wants the trial to go forward and if found guilty she wants a public flogging. She wants to show the world how barbaric these decency laws are.

Ms. Hussein was quoted in a
report in the Times of London that she believed they referred her case to the Foreign Minister to delay her trial to try to save face. Perhaps these persecutors are afraid of her fierce courage and the world is watching especially in view of the world watching events in Iran and Sudan does not want the same scrutiny.

As technology allows us all to become more aware of each other’s humanity and struggles to maintain and preserve our individual dignity, all the Sudanese women and men who protested outside the courthouse yesterday and were subjected to the police teargas and beatings should know I support—as do many other Americans—their fight for their rights.

I’m just an ignorant westerner with some knowledge of the Quran and Prophet Muhammad’s attitude’s toward women and even I cannot see that trousers worn by women would be indecent or against Islam. Now, you may say that is because I am ignorant and a westerner where women wear less than trousers. But to my knowledge (and I have been studying Islam from a woman’s perspective for almost ten years now) the basic Islamic criteria for a woman being dressed decently is that she is covered; that she is not showing skin—ankles, forearms, etc.

Perhaps trousers show the form of a woman’s leg and that is haram (forbidden) and could cause men to have impure thoughts. But this practice forces women to be responsible for men controlling the impure thoughts in their own minds.

If that’s the belief, men will never learn control over their own thoughts. And if men never learn control over their own impure thoughts, they will always be weak. And if these men are that weak then they will never be strong Muslim men. This also puts women forever in the position of being responsible for men like their mothers were responsible for them. In that respect, these men will never grow up and become men. They will always be spoiled boys in men’s bodies. That is not what I believe the Prophet Muhammad meant Islam to be.

In the west I live in, I understand that with individual freedom comes individual responsibility. Perhaps this is not the case in all areas of America where our fundamentalist religions tell us it is evil or liberals that are causing our problems. Religious people of all types seem to want to control others who are simply expressing their decent and dignified individual liberty so the religious people can feel okay. This is how religion-based oppression begins.

Lubna’s attire, in all the photos I have seen, makes her look very dignified and respectful. How could any judge or jury call that indecent?

It is important to me that the rest of the world not lump me—as an American—with the Erik Prince’s of America. As we all know, Erik Prince is the head of Blackwater (now Xe), the private security firm hired by the U.S. State department to provide their security under Bush-Cheney and whose employees were found guilty by the Iraqi government of what seems was a massacre of innocent Iraqis in Baghdad in 2007 and are set to stand trial in America next January.

Yesterday there was a news item that Prince was a fundamentalist Christian who believed in the Crusades and the extermination of all Muslims and saw his work in Iraq as if he was a soldier in a religious war. He is also accused of trafficking in arms.

We have a lot of nutcases in America—as you can see with the birthers and those hooligans who are acting like self-righteous defenders of the American (corporate greed) way against any kind of health care for the poor. These people are not Christians and neither is Erik Prince. These people are against what Christ taught. They are the opposite of what Prophet Issa hoped people who believed in his teachings would be and do.

As I said, with individual freedom comes individual responsibility. Not everyone here in America takes that responsibility because they are free not to. And because I think it is too hard for them. It is easier for them to find fault with others rather than take a good hard look at themselves and their powerful groups and wonder if they are being oppressive.

Perhaps Lubna Hussein is making the powerful in Sudan examine themselves and making them wonder if they are being fair or oppressive. I think she has made them realize the world has changed and they must change with it.

If we could get rid of the all conservatives, fundamentalists, neo-cons and imperialists, we could actually have a pretty good world. Sounds like fantasy? I think Lubna is actually taking us all one step closer to that eventuality.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Are Lobbyists Doctors Too?

On January 29, 2002, during his State of the Union speech, George Bush stood before the American people and proclaimed that Iran, Iraq and North Korea were the “axis of evil” and accused these countries of helping terrorism and pursuing weapons of mass destruction. We all know how that turned out.

The only true axis of evil George Bush ever really knew (but wasn’t fully aware of) was he, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld.

However, there is another triad of troublemakers who I call the “ass kiss of evil”. They are the insurance industry and American Medical Association, various congresspersons, mostly Republican, and these fake grassroots people screaming at congressional presentations. Thankfully, this Ass Kiss of Evil doesn’t have nukes.

Members of Congress (Senate and House) have excellent health insurance, US soldiers have government-run health care (except for Veterans) and yet many Members of Congress of the American people are siding with the enemies of the American people on health care reform despite the fact that the Constitution they are sworn to uphold makes our government, as Lincoln said in the Gettysburg Address, “of the People, by the People and for the People.”

The lobbying industry needs to be regulated. They have a python-like stranglehold on our democracy if they can invade sessions for public discourse on health care reform and disrupt it to the extent they have in recent days. If our government’s job is to first serve the people who elect them and then industry and commerce, lobbyists are cutting in line and usurping that process by calling out these groups of thugs and hooligans to prevent a public from being informed by their congresspersons..

With scenes of fake grassroots outrage at government all over our TV screens in the past few days, I have become inspired. I think to insure lobby reform, groups of citizens should flood Congressional offices and whenever insurance industry and pharmaceutical industry lobbyists begin selling their wares in congressional offices we should shout them down, call them liars and start chanting “Just Say No”.

Under our laws, persons who prevent others from receiving what is their due are in violation of either criminal or civil laws, or both.

Excessive lobbyists like the ones behind the thugs and hooligans are guilty of impeding the process of representative government. This should be illegal on some level and to some degree. There should be a well-drawn and restrictive line that lobbyists cannot cross which respects the needs of the people more than it presently does.

I’m sure if I use the word “people” one more time I’ll be accused of being a socialist.

America is the most rabid capitalist country in the world. What did Atticus Finch do to the rabid dog coming down the street in “To Kill a Mockingbird”? He shot and killed it.

That’s what needs to happen to the rabid aspects of American capitalism. They need to be shot like a dog on a dirt road. Swiftly. And the remains burned, not buried.

Greed is the rabies in the diseased minds of these raging capitalist dogs. Lobbyists are the infected foam dripping from their mouths.

And while our focus is now on lobbyists and the Republicans, it may well be Blue Dog Democrats who will destroy health care reform. Damned Blue Dogs. Those Democrats are rabid.

Where is Atticus Finch when we need him?