Thursday, October 8, 2009

Possessive Progressive

After the vote on Al Franken’s amendment to the Defense Appropriations bill, I am even more convinced that a progressive agenda can gain ground in 2010 and prevent Republicans from increasing their seat count in the Senate and perhaps even the House.

Of course, that is, provided the progressive movement can generate money and organization in time.

Conservative Democrats and Republicans have shown themselves to be against the American people and that can be proven with the health care reform shenanigans making it abundantly apparent that they have been on the side of the anti-people health care/insurance industry.

With Franken’s amendment Republicans have further shown themselves to be on the side and in the pocket of the defense industry and against women’s rights and the American people.

The Republicans are currently led by Limbaugh and Beck. They have no leadership, they have no policies, they have no plans. Not even Lindsey Graham and Joe Lieberman can save them.

Max Baucus has revealed himself to be an automaton for the health insurance mafia. So have Conrad and a host of other God Damnedocrats.

Republicans, it has been said, are going to run on Cap and Trade and a few other issues. After their eight years in power and their recent behavior they can be further ostracized from American politics with some effort. And that’s not including the further damage they can and will do to themselves between now and then as their desperation, stagnation and ignorance forces them to continue being stupid. And I mean, really stupid.

Conservatives are now so desperate they are starting to re-translate the liberal parts of the Bible to make Jesus seem like a heartless capitalist.

And Sarah Palin is still around, isn’t she?—lots of embarrassing self-destructiveness there to exploit.

However, I caution progressives not to get too greedy. Right now Americans want and need a progressive approach to various issues, but I suggest progressives wait on immigration reform and a few other issues until progressives have proven themselves to the voters they need that they are not commies and socialists and the economy has revived.

The pundits are wrong about Democrats losing in 2010 if progressives take charge.
Come on progressives. Now is the time to begin rising to these challenges.