Tuesday, October 6, 2009


When Lorne Michaels was meeting with NBC execs before “SNL” went on the air, he told them not to judge the show by the first few shows, but to judge it by its 17th show. One exec whose name I cannot recall actually promised he would watch the 17th show.

That show was hosted by Gerald Ford’s press secretary Ron Nessen—proof that “SNL” was a hit.

This is my 100th blog, and thankfully I never encouraged anyone to judge my blog by its 100th installment.

What strikes me today is news that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who Iran’s Ayatollah would have us believe is Iran’s president, has Jewish ancestry. This is actually an old story, as it was reported back in January on Israel National News.com and others had it before they did.

I know everyone is making much ado about this today and they should. A rightwing Iranian president with a Jewish background claiming the Holocaust did not happen is like a former Roosevelt Democrat claiming Medi-care is socialism.

Ahmadinejad being Jewish saying he hopes the Jewish Zionist state vanishes from the pages of history is like Limbaugh saying he hopes Obama fails.

No, wait, it’s more like Dick Cheney shooting Harry Whittington in the face.


Representative Mark Kirk telling China last year America is not good for its debts?


Is it like Max Baucus elected by the people but serving the insurance industry; because, as you know, access to an appropriate health care profit is a corporate right.


Regardless, what this means is Iran will soon be embroiled in its own movement calling for its president to reveal the truth about his roots and heritage in much the same way our own “birthers” are doing with our president.

This is perfect timing for Orly Taitz, who has just about shredded everyone’s patience—and FINALLY her credibility—in the US by now claiming Judge Clay Land, who recently ruled against her, with
secretly meeting with Attorney General Eric Holder in a diner across the street from his courthouse in Georgia.

Perhaps Madonna should go to Tehran and get Ahmadinejad involved with Kabbalah. She can entice him by telling him it is, after all, Kab-allah.

It’s not that Ahmadinejad’s Jewishness is being exposed that is embarrassing, it is that his identity as a Mossad operative is being exposed.

That’s right. Mossad sent Ahmadinejad to Iran to rise to the ranks of president so he can round up Muslims on the streets of Tehran just as they round up Muslims on the streets of Gaza and the West Bank.

Ahmadinejad who was once only a self-hating Jew is now also a self-hating Muslim. Only the Muslims he hates himself are the people of Iran.

Ahmadinejad has issued a decree that the Muslim holy month in Iran will henceforth be known as Rosh Hamanadan.

Ahmadinejad’s Jewish name was revealed to be Sabourjian. What wasn’t revealed was that now the Ayatollah Khamenei refers to him jokingly as Matzomoud.

On to 101.