Wednesday, October 14, 2009

American Domination

Well, Liz Cheney is at it again. For a woman who has no more brain power than is required to watch one’s neighbors from one’s front porch rake their leaves, she is trying to make herself seem important by creating a phony issue which she is also trying to make seem urgently important.

And for her efforts—and lies!—she seems to hope the result is: Republican victories in 2010 and 2012.

The issue is Keep America Safe. It is also a website.

The whole project is spearheaded by Ms. Cheney and William Kristol, whose greatest claim to fame is being the son of Irving Kristol and creating Sarah Palin, the political force so powerful she imploded halfway through her first term as governor and not even the Virginia gubernatorial candidate wants her to campaign for his election; so politically savvy, the editorials written for her but attributed to her were refuted as being full of lies, confused logic and misinformation.

One can judge Kristol’s intelligence level not only by Palin’s “success-ion”, by also that inane, bufoonish smile permanently plastered across his face. To paraphrase an old saying: “Ignorance of one’s ignorance is bliss.”

But back to Liz. She is repeating much of what her father said back in the summer, most all of which was proved false by reports, experts and operatives who work every day in the business of keeping America safe.

Break through the façade Liz presents and you may find her father’s connection to defense contractors who want wars to keep going for profit. This is something the mainstream media never presses them on, preferring to be polite rather than journalistic.

Accusing Obama of being a radical is like accusing daddy Dick of being Wild Bill Hickok, or accusing Orly Taitz of being Perry Mason, or accusing me of being Noam Chomsky.

Dick Cheney was vice-president before 9/11. He has access to the intelligence that said Obama was determined to strike in the U.S. and he was as attentive to that as he was while hunting with Harry Whittington. The Republican tactic is to charge their opponents with what they are guilty of.

Liz should do what she is best at. So, Liz could use her numerous talents to also keep America…many things.

For example, I suggest Liz is capable of launching the following campaigns and their accompanying websites…

Keep America Dull.

Keep America Scared.

Keep America at War.

Keep America Hated.

Keep America Ridiculous.

Keep America Paranoid.

Keep America with conservatives permanently in the minority because America has changed and won’t buy their bullshit anymore.

NOTE TO OBAMA: Chill on the radicality, bro. And watch your back that Liz and Dick aren’t conspiring with those who are launching an attack on the U.S. just to scare American’s further into voting Republican. The way you’ve been going it’s going to be an uphill battle for you to get re-elected. Know why? You can’t make the same promises again that you’ve reneged on so far.